Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Wow so fast... I already work for 23 days liao non-stop working in this 23 days haiz...
but still ok la
at least go income hahaha....

In this few days, I work for the restaurant in PSC
quite interesting thing happen
{ Kakak : apa jantan ni eeee.... geramnya... darling....}{ EEeee... gatalnya} = = |||
Aiyoh what ever I go or where I work, sure will have my sound one.... hahaha...

MUSIC TIME !!!!!!!!!


Does any know who she is??
I KNOW!! ^^
haha... dun tell me u duno who is she lo... she is Brandy, one of the judge of the " AMERICA'S GOT TALENTS"

Recommend song:

1. Right Here [Departed] download
2. Long Distance download

Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy X'mas

This days so busy always work... work... work...
But still want to

wish u all a

PSC's Christmas tree at Bistro Bar ^^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

music time!!

PCD - The Pussycat Doll come out with a new album


Recommend song :

1. When I Grow Up
2. Whatcha Think About That
3. I Hate This Part

Pussycat Doll - I Hate This Part

Justin Timberlake feat T.I. - If I Talk [New Song 2008]

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hmm... I have working for 2 weeks no rest day but nvm la at least money is coming to my pocket hahah....
This what I like hehe....

Today I helping my mom to "so yi" WoW so many "yi" lo hahah....
After a few hour then i eat and go to work liao
When I came back then my mom already finish it liao hehe...

see...!! so colorful right??!! ^^

still have many more ^^


Today is the 13 days working liao... =.= I'm work 3pm~ 10pm
Duno whether is fast or may be no haha...
But lucky is, I work with some one that make mine time passing so fast thanks to HER ^^ If not i will more boring than I thought haha....

So I went there at 3 pm then I wait until like 7pm like that so I change to the western food corner there. So the time really passing so fast haha...
But there still got some "leceh" ppl there
She come and order then want this dun want that, so "... ..." Aiyoohhh...

Then I take some order from the Main Bar there WoW... I never take such long order before, the order form is like not enough to write down haha....

Also got a member order food for me, so I feel so thankful for her ^^She so kind ^^
After a moment later, the chef cook some chicken meat WoW... is tasty yummmm...
At the moment we eat, the girl pass by I call to join us and eat hahah...

and some tie we also talk some thing like "kan neh", "LC", "CB"... but just make fun only la haha...
But some time is heard this kind of words I will laugh lo, YEA, really I will laugh... may be it really funny for me haha...

But tomorrow more worse I think cause got the duno what?? children year end party, so need to work from 2pm~10pm
IF busy then I dun mind la at least busy then my leg will not feel that pain cause need to walk here and there ma...
Duno why kids also have year end party?! =.=|||

and tomorrow I need help my mom do the "tang yuan" 汤圆 thing I means "SO YI"
cause SUNDAY is the really day so need to do lo
and on that day i'm sure will be more ppl selling de ^^
Then I need to wake up about 5am GUA to help my mom sell the "tang yuan"
RM 1.50 each pack ^^

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas is coming soon....!!!

Have a nice Xmas ^^

Download Last Christmas

WOW!!! swe3ting lo ....

Tooooo..... busy until no time to blog hahaha...
Today mine working hours 8am~3pm ~.~
Haiz... quite boring de lo
But hor ... the staff quite "CB" de lo "LC" also =.=
AND also I saw David Tan(10As) at the sport club with his family and he just came back from Australia ( I think now there also holidays gua???)

actually i finish working at 3pm then new to wait until 3.30pm to go back then my friend is calling go out to play kite then go the youth park there to play...
so I go fetch my friend (ludwig) then we wait at the youth park the until 4pm ++ still not yet come.
So I and my friend go back to my house go back to bath then go cause I finish my work then i straight away go to youth and wait liao ....

After a bath... WAO... So "SONG-NYA" HAhaha....
then go to youth park there still tie-ing with the kite so we wait but the kite can't fly =.=
So got some one pass by and said "want me to teach u all, how to fly it?"
just a second the kite fly up so high at the sky hahah....

but there the wind is to low so we back my area (rifle range) there play
WOW..... there got some many ppl playing lo =.= all seems like so pro...
About 7.20pm then we all go back haha...
I fetch ludwig go back...

What a day......

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Star walk!!

Early morning need to wake up for the 'STAR WALK' around 5am
WOW so tired....
then I wake up, eat, bath, then go to PISA the just used 22 minute to reach there ;P

When I reach there then I saw so many ppl there wolao eh...!!!!
I also saw ours school student MBS junior, senior, and same "nior" hahaha...
Around 7am like that, the event stared liao I and Jean Li walk together ^^
then walk ha walk ha then MBS stud (L6A2) cut us
We walk until THE STAR there got 100+ supply
WAH!!! then of cause is drink la hahaha....
then we walk ha walk ha then saw shin yong them hahah...

AHhhhh.... finally we finish the walk so happy lucky is my leg didn't pain that much hahah... cause I need to go work ma need to stand 7 hours lo so tired....

SEE quite a lots ppl de lo... see until urs eye @.@|||

see another senior there??
infront of the orange balloon
Did u see any one there ??
Is from MBS de
see it or not??
and see the beside him one is who ??
girlfriends?? or who??or sister (low %)

After finish the race, I and JL go and have a drink there
there have milo, sunquick, 100+, fitness, and so on....
I and JL having all the drink hahaha....
There also have some game to play with, is do by DIGI "I will follow U"
but I lazy to play liao cause so many ppl need to walk haiz...XD

so we went inside PISA there to wait for lucky draw
there got 25 panasonic gifts, 5 suzuki motors, 17 Airasia tickets and many more
But the bad thing is I and JL didn't get any thing... sad :(

Inside the PISA .... got so many ppl there lo

this is one of the performance... I also duno what is that like have tree and flower dacing hahah...
and it go other performance too like latin dance... and the all is come from dun what hotel de I not that sure la hahah....

The lucky draw finish at around 1 pm but most of the ppl is waiting for the gift see whether they got the chance to get the gift or not... hahah...
so do I hahha...
and also I saw ours senior so many lo is more the us

then I went back and eat and having my lunch har.... and go to work haiz.....
work until 10.30 pm and WOW... I didn't sleep for 21 hours... break my own record...XP
haiz.... got one staff is gone liao but have 3 staff come to work hahah....
then will be a bit boring liao lo hahah....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fire!!! Fire!!! Fire!!!

Today my working hour is 8am to 3pm but then got a short meeting at 5.30pm so need to go there haizzz.. so tired .... but as long money is coming to me hehehe...XD

When I reach there I was late liao but lucky is the meeting started late also
Aiyoooo..... the meeting is quite boring de lo
talk about how to serve la... this la... that la...
but nvm la is still ok la hahahah..... XD

After the meeting, I going back then I saw smoke from my area so I think is the graveyard there on FIRE...

I think the fire started at around 5.45pm like that

did u see any firefighter??

U know what r u the ppl doing?? actually they are play kite but now they are watching those smoke and fire swt.... = =|||

see it??

did u see the smoke?? there around there...
(sry lo the picnot that clear ^^)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I'm fall a sick in 12 hours haha... cause yesterday I eat "cha kuih tiao" la...
At first, I went to work, so I ask my mother "is it I feeling hot?"
she said "no"
but after a few hours work I feel that I'm really sick haiz...

then yesterday I saw someone in the club
U know who is it ?
is Jillian Tan with her friends together hahha...
At first, I saw her that I seem like know her before so is really her
May be she looks more beauty... hahah...

So today I work at 12 noon until 2.30pm BUT i need to go back to work at around 6pm~10.30pm quite nice la haha...
then Rebecca sms for the BBQ party but I think can go gua hehe... but may be a bit late

Saturday, December 6, 2008

saturday time so fun !!!

Yesterday my friend sms said that want to go climbing mountain near the Youth park there
so he want to go there at 7.45am then I set my alarm about 7am, So I wake up but not fully wake up then my friend sms again said that he can make it so cancel the climbing plan hahaha....
then I continue sleep haha...

Then sleep until 9.50am like that so I quickly wake up and rush to the TV there watch the Bakegyamon lucky can watch a bit hahaha....

I watch TV until 12 noon then I go for the interview
Haiz... once again the supervisor not there and he reception lady call me come again around 3pm...
SO I come back and I get the job hahah....
my AIM for the job is 1000 ^^ the more the fabulous but duno can or not la

After the interview I went back and on9 for a while then I and my friends go for the PC fair Walao....!!!
walao what??
nothing just for 'suak' only

I went to my friend's house (LKT) just a 100 mile walk only... then my friend (WSM) from the jalan perak there so far to come here and then we start to GO!!!
Before went to the PC fair... there we need to fetch one more person then we go there (roshidi)
but u know what the funny part is Shidi's house & WSM's house just near by only then he come with a motor haizz.... wasted his energy....

Another funny part is the road sign
U know what??
we went to shidi's house, road sign is opposite direction hahaha.... the sign making shock!!.... = =
I though we going wrong way hahaha.... too bad I didt take the photo for u all to see it

Then we go to the PC fair at PISA there. I saw my senior(girl and boy), junior, guo wen, poh cheng, and my last time tuition classmate ( PCGHS) de oh smart and beauty oh ^^ hehe...
I also saw a nurse just wear like a nurse la in pink dress OH MY!!! so sexy!!!

My friends the buy the 2 antivirus for RM49 hmmm... so cheap right?! I think so....
For me, I just go search for the camera price only... but not bad la I get some information to buy which kind of camera liao

This year de PC fair is lesser than last I came haha... and I also get the information of the PC fair job
1. Better get the job just paid for u day by day one
2. Dun get the job just get the commission IF u r good in promote and u r good luck enough then u can get the job
This is what I know but not 100% de oh ^^

Before we go to eat, we fetch shidi go home then we go eat but I didn't brough eanough to eat beside my mom said she got buy me food so didt eat
MANATAU she didn't but for me then I and my mom go eat at the near by hawker stall there lo
and eat until I "BA BA BA" "ERRrrrrrr" Hahaha...

Then I go back and take a shower then watch the Harry Potter show in TV2 and then I though NTV 7 will have the korean show manatau tak da

Then I feel so tired then go to sleep liao... I sleep about 1.30am++ haha...

Oh Ya!!! Yesterday I and my friends long didt gather so we gather in the MSN there BU someone is kena SHOOT!!!(aaron) hahah... my friend start shoot aaron " jitot aaron" then I also duno what is JITOT means....!!!
actually is a rube word wor hehe... but Im still duno it hahaha....
some thing I cannot said it lound de wor is we still chat about some thing some thing.... (what will u think now)


Friday, December 5, 2008


In the afternoon, I went to interview at the PSC.
So I wear short and slipper when I not yet enter then club yet then the "penjaga pintu"

he said " pakai macam ni tak boleh nanti saya kena marah pula..." "u balik pakai cantik cantik baru mai, k??"

"LECEH betul la"( in my mind i think)
"kena pakai cantik cantik!!! ingat saya apa ni?!" ( in my mind i think)
"Haiz... esok baru pi interview la"

LECEH BETUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boring Life #2

Hmm... Today I'm wake up more early than yesterday hahah :D
about 9am GUA....!!! haha

My life still going on like yesterday watching TV, eat, drink, and etc. Hiaz... but today a bit different
morning still the same lo watching TV

1. oggy and the cockroach(ntv 7)

2. Kiteretsu Daihyakka {奇天大百科} (tv 3)
is it same lie doraemon??!! (almost la) hehe...

3. Lyrical Girl Magical Nanoha A's ( ntv 7)
4. RR show(ntv 7)

after the tv show I go and help my mom, after while i go to the Digi to check something at the farlim then but they say cannot check it here so i go to the pulau tikus there^^
but before that i buy laksa for my mom then after eat liao. Go pulau tikus at the Digi centre there. In the end, finish checking liao then I go back home...

sit until my backsite pain... ADUH...!!!

Oh My!!!! my mom today is cooking for us... my mom long time didn't cook liao so I eat until "BA BA" "errrr..." hehehe....

I think no ppl will boring like me haha... xD
So Bored lo !!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boring Life #1

wake up in the morning 10am yawn~~~ =.=
watching tv
1. Lyrical Girl Magical Nanoha A's (ntv7)
2. Rachael Ray Show (ntv7)
3. Atashinchi (8tv)
4. CatDog (tv9)
5. 萤火虫的梦 (tv8)

This JP anime Lyrical Girl Magical Nanoha A's is nice and u must watch it... Magical,sex(i think), Cute and balalalaaa many la. Ahh... I duno how to say. The show start at 10.30am, from monday to friday only... but is great ^-^

This is Atashinchi (我们这一家) is very cute de cartoon or may be anime gua??!! Is talk about a family one, how is the daily life, about they mother, father, sister and brother. Hahah... is quite funny de la. At 8 tv, 4pm ^-^

Oh MY!!! CatDog I think u all heard it before or may be watch it before hahah... may be I too childish liao still watching this kind of cartoon haha...!!!


Oh oh oh.... ya ya ya.... the Singapore's show 萤火虫的梦(let it shine) I also watch this one hehe...
This show also funny too... The show is about a teacher who wan to be a celebrity but she didt pass the test so she work as a temporary school teacher... But the student is teaching by her is very naughty de lo... and wan to know more about it then go watch lo ^^ Is very interesting

But duno my taste is same with u all or not hahah....

still have midnight show to go hahah...
at around 11.00 pm the show I really like it 法证先峰 (hero forensic) this one also nice
although this show is old liao but still ok la... I know some of u is watch it b4 so do i too... but can watch it twice de ma ^^

harrr.... sleep

Oh!!! yet not yet!!!
Yesterday my shouter friend call me to go out see the moon.
I go out and saw nothing just a whole sky is cloud only

but i saw their blog this evening then they post on!!
Let SEE... K? =.=

This pic is from my shouter friend blog ^^

u see it ??!!
the moon is smiling!!! or the sky is smiling!!! hahaha...
cool right??

Sunday, November 30, 2008

view more!?!? =.=|||


Today i eat "tang yuan" still not the real day yet
I means the really day for "tang yuan" is on 21/11/08 (Sunday)
on the 21/11/08 (Sunday) is sell very cheap only just RM1.50
from the morning until noon only (5.00am-12.00)
if wanna buy then come lo ^^ thx
at rifle range flats (padang tembak) there

the "A" spot is the stall that selling 'tang yuan' ^^

the red spot is showing the stall too

left 7 biji haha... =.=|||

and I also saw a spider is like having a face on it back de

Oh ya!!! Yesterday I watch 3 movie hahaha...
from 8.30pm to 2.00am
WALAO I never watch movie like this continuous
1. 大老爱美丽 (8tv)
2. The Core (tv2)
3. The Arts of Seduction(ntv7)

The movie "The Core" I watch it on yesterday tv2 although is movie of the 2003. I know this movie is long time ago, and i think some of u all might watch it before but for I didn't ^^
This movie was really cool, great,.....

In this science-fiction film, the Earth's core stops spinning, and the resulting loss of electromagnetic field is expected to cause all human life to end within a matter of months. Using a new technology, specialists travel toward the Earth's center, where they hope to set off nuclear explosions and get the core spinning again. Appearing in the movie are Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, and D.J. Qualls.

and another one Korean movie

"The Arts of Seduction" 작업의 정석
I think u see this word 'seduction" u will starting to think other thing right? or may be not haha...
but nvm
this movie is 2005 but still can watch ma ^^

this movie really entertain me. REALLY ONE !!! This movie is really funny and making u laugh and what i also dun know how to say about it.... You watch liao then u know....It make laugh whole night.... Wahahahaha....
If u think that not funny then for me is really funny... Hahahaha.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

did u see what i see???

Today is raining day, i was help my mom
so i saw a rat "pindah rumah!!! "
it saw me,then i look to it...
i shock, it also shock...
the rat put down her's baby and run away

is it cute???


then tell mom shift this baby to another place so that this baby mom will see it ^^

BUT finally the mother found her's baby liao can "pindah rumah" to other place

then i play my shoe hahaha...
my shoe flow on the water... hahah..... xD

HEY~~!!! where is my shoe???

Monday, November 24, 2008

happy and what...???!!!

Happy is motor's licence is full liao no need to have P liao hahaha
but tomorrow my area will not have current from 9am-5pm
haiz... then my life will be more boring lo

another thing is need to work :(
no work no money
no money then will be very headache

Sunday, November 23, 2008

walao 120/day

U know what??!!!
i search a job that paid 120 per day u know!!!!!!!
then i cant cause that day i participate the star walk!!!
#@#$@$ !!!!

just a part time job only!!!!
girl 100 per day
guy 120 per day
5am-12noon only (7 hour)
then can get RM120

i run for the cert dun wan the RM120
do i looks crazy ????
YES!!! im now really crazy liao !!!!!! ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~


Thursday, November 20, 2008



walao eh... kana 1 month eh holiday tok eh boring kana S**....
Aiyoyo ...

some said wan to study
some said dun wan to work
some said boring like me haiz....
duno what is next swt... T.T|||

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

duno wan to write about......

yesterday i saw a firefly flying in front on my eye
wao i first time saw it fly in front of eye.... ha...............

this holiday is really boring for me.... hmm i think not just me gua every one also feel boring la
No study is good but like nothing to do ....
Travel is good but no money or too busy it also BORING
Hang out is also good but still waste up of money.... eat la... play... every thing is need money $$$
work is also a good ideal can earn some pocket money but still boring also no friends to work with...
playing computer game still can be play until bored....

new Disney movie is coming on now....!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

penang bridge international marathon

Lucky today didn't raining if not... we cannot run liao hehe...
walao today wake up so early i think but i just join the "FUN RUN" only compare to other person they all join FULL or HALF marathon and they need to wake up more early than us haiz....

so early morning so fun...
the whole road seems like is mine one... no one there while i am go by motor hahah....
then i though Hui Yi them all want to go eat breakfast but all CH problem so we cant eat then i straight away go to the Queensbay there wow i saw a lots of ppl
so fun...

then i reach there about 6.15am at the starting point there =.=
at first we all run together (me,PC,YC,CH,yew chun,CY and my friend LKT)
then PC said start run then we all run...
but run then run just left me,PC,LKT,CY then duno the other...
then we reach until the bridge there wao..... there like "HUMAN" traffic jam
then we take some take photo at there

...me and CY at the 1/4 of the bridge take photo
...her and my hair like "something something">>>>>>>>>>>

after comb ours hair looks more better hahahaha...!!!

see!!! there hand so close to each other!!! i me ans i think u know it, right???

oh... my sunshine... oh... my sunshine...

ohh... so bright i cant see any thing!!!

i saw a kind of hair style
is spider shape hair style... is damn cool.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess who??

when the way back to the finish point still have a few distance to go...!!!

oh island see... =.=

first road sign!! means that is near liao.... haha...

ohhhh.... second road sign...!!!??

still have 500m to go!!!
wao so tired lo.....

oh finally reach the finish point....
and u saw the DIGI balloon...

suddenly so many ppl take photo with them...
then we take free milo,100plus drinks, coffee and some breakfast from fitness

after that got lucky draw
so i decide to wait and see but then pc want to go back so i also go back lo
but b4 that i go toilet u
again... u know what??
the toilet no "wash and flash"

SOME MORE!!!! the crazy is in the marathon got two ppl wear jacket and run that.... me and deborah.... hahah....