Monday, October 18, 2010

Gummy | As A Man

while just now i was search some video and updating my blog , so i was found out a Korean song... "Gummy | As A Man"

although it dun have subtitle for this video, but may be the other got the subtitle on it...^^OK la enjoy this music video and it kinda sweet for this video... XD hahaha

movie time!!!

On the Saturday night, i was watching the tv show which "ultraviolet" and it is action movie... so i watching it and do my homework too... hahaha

This was the year of 2006 movie


Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans have emerged who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like disease, giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence, and as they are set apart from "normal" and "healthy" humans, the world is pushed to the brink of worldwide civil war aimed at the destruction of the "diseased" population. In the middle of this crossed-fire is - an infected beautiful woman - Ultraviolet, who finds herself protecting a nine-year-old boy who has been marked for death by the human government as he is believed to be a threat to humans.

So, after that the "ultraviolet" movie finish d then i turn to the next channel then there was another movie again which is "Venom" and this movie was a horror movie but not that scary la..

This was the year of 2005 movie


Eric and his Yankee teenage mates travel South by motorbike to a swampy backwater town in Louisiana, where Sean's father Ray lived, the local tow truck driver, who abandoned the then baby-boy and his mother. Ray recently died, while trying to rescue a voodoo witch and at her urging her trunk, which got opened and released the poisonous serpents possessed by the souls of truly evil sinners she trapped in them. Ray was bitten and penetrated as the car sunk, and shortly after it's dragged out rises as an 'undead' zombie, who murders without provocation and is immune to lethal weapons. He soon finds the teens' trace and proves his indiscriminately evil blood-thirst by charging his only offspring equally lethally. However they were warned by Eden's friend Cece, the witch's granddaughter, who explained the situation in her home and assures them when the zombie attacks it's safe thanks to a 'blessed'...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

movie till late night

I start watching movie from 10pm to 230am... wow so fun la wei~ although the movie a bit outdated but i still enjoy to watch it. First movie was "The Bourne Identity", it was 2002 movie.


When a body is recovered at sea still alive, the mystery man (Damon) seems to have forgotten everything in life, including who he was. Eventually he begins to remember smaller details in life and soon finds out that his name was Jason Bourne. What he doesn't like is that a gun and fake passports also belong to him. Now Bourne, and his new friend, Marie Helena Kreutz (Potente) travel from country to country in search of his new identity. But, someone else is not happy to see him alive, and is frantically trying to track him down.

and is also a series movie which have

- The Bourne Supremacy
- The Bourne Ultimatum

after that, continue with other movie which is "College Road Trip" is was 2008 movie.


Melanie is eagerly looking forward to taking her first big step towards independence when she plans a ‘girls only’ road trip to check out prospective universities. However, when her imposing police-chief dad insists on escorting her instead, she soon finds her dream trip turning into a nightmare full of misfortune and turmoil. Dad wants to assure total security and safety for his precious daughter, while Melanie has a 17-year-old’s need to become a grown woman and have her own sense of independence.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brave New Girl

Yesterday i watched a movie which is Brave New Girl
this movie was release at 2004 although is old movie but is nice to watch la(for me i think^^)


Holly has everything it takes to be a star; the voice, the dream and the dedication, but she lacks the means to break away from her humble Texas upbringing. Then she gets the chance to attend an art and music school on the East coast and her future suddenly looks bright. But the road to stardom is a bumpy one. She must compete with the snobby Angela for the star spot and that's the least of her troubles. Luckily, Holly has the support from her mother and her roommate Ditz who prove that being a star has nothing to do with fame and everything to do with faith, family, and friends. Before all the number one hits and the adoring fans, all she had was the dream. Inspired by the book A Mother's Gift by Britney & Lynne Spears...the story of the true meaning of being a star.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goal II: Living the Dream

hey there, I'm back again d. Now I'm kinda busy so didn't have much time to blog... please forgive me^^

Yesterday i watch a movie which is Goal II: Living the Dream. So, i feel fun to watch that movie. Now i notice that why people like football so much, i mean watching football match or others...


after watching this movie i feel wanna watch the football match d... haha^^

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OUTING again!!!

Today was like a "what" that world which i dunno how to say it out.. wow the feeling is so great haha.. yesterday i sleep at 3am inthe morning cause of i have offday on tomorrow haha how GREAT is it???

so i wake up at 1230 pm and go bath and go post office to pat the billing things haha.. but the person there said that no need to pay cause is RM0... haha so how GREAT is it??? *again* haha

plus i have a movie with my popular friends which is matt mj edmond. that movie is the most confuse and most cool haha... that's is INCEPTION

This movie is about 230 hours time to watch it. and the movie start at 250 pm. before that i saw ming yen AHHH~~~ so cool i though i will hard to see her d... at that moment i feel so happy... GREAT!!! we have a little chat and so do Edmond also cause he also saw a few friends... Errmmmm... i think is not "few" is "many" haha...

then movie finish at 420pm wow feel so GREAT after watch the movie... GENG LA!!! and i heard that many feel so confuse about the movie... haha.. what la is it they in real word or is it the in dream??? haha... many comment i heard haha.. feel funny about them la.

plus the toilet was really full of people... damn is hard to enter. so pack!!!

Then we decide to go for dinner and wow.. we decide so long time then baru go sakae sushi there... haiz...

when so step in and find a place to sit then we saw something on the floor d... got!! bone!!!

so we just ignore it haiz...

then we had order some food individually

my food.. i dunno what it call again... Argh... dunno what chicken what don... haha

Edmond have a posing with his food too haha... XD

this 1 is MJ's food.. which gyu "what what" i duno the name la haha XD

matt also the same still posing haha XD and he cant wait to eat IT!!!

this the Paul's family that they mention wanna eat... XD the octopuses

below is the food we wanna eat... how great is it... when wanna eat but must looking at the wallet FIRST!!! HAHA..!!!

then the total was over hundred ringgit which is RM122++ and we also take some sushi beside than order the food XD... damn nice and GREAT!!!

for guys we wanna go for gaming then after think we still dun wan go d... and we keep walking to one phone shop to another... and book store also the same. First MPH then popular... can we saw xiao luan jie haha

Plus i and MJ was watching the K-song mv wow... damn nice to watch with the 60 inch LCD or what tv is that... damn... nice la

so we went back but before that we go see matt's house, wanna see how big is it haha... wei is 3 floor... cool!! and we also go see ed's friend house wow... is REALLY DAMN BIG... HOW RICH THEY ARE...!!!

Then we all go back d. i reached home is abt 1030 pm d haha..

Saturday, July 10, 2010


today i wake up at 9 am. Damn shit i late d. then i have to bath, eat, all this is time consuming but i dun have others choice... Then i have my breakfast then go to work d... When i go out, the time is already 9.25 am... then i so shock... OMG really late d... haiz... yet from my house to work is about 8~9min... OH GOD...!!!
Then i have to rush, using other road... that is much more longer than i normally using... haiz... nvm la that road dun have too much of traffic light if compare to the normally i using... LOL...

So, when i reached there was about 9.40am d, and i saw the door is close d then i decide to go toilet first then go out... after 10 min, then i saw 2 person waiting outside the door.... haiz... late together... haha....
after that Mr.Lim let us go in and must a reason why we all late... haha... so i truly say about it... LOL.... then i have to arrange the books on the book rack as always... and i have wrap a few books too... hahha... and take about 2 hours time to arrange those messes books... haiz... tiring... and i also get the clue that arrange the magazine too... haha...

1 pm, i have have lunch at the "nun hong" there... and we a lot of people too and feel so happy about it... haha... chat a lot of stuff too... hahathen about 2 pm d, we all went back to work and i need to carry the stock go to the external storeroom wow... that really tired... MAN!!!... and i need to tag the price tag on the books and wrap the books again ... haha... like normally i do... Lucky is i got work to do, if not then i will be so boring cause lack of chat... haha... NO la actually if i dun have work to do then i need to stand outside like a doll and no friend at here. plus matt today off so cant chat with him... haiz...

about 6pm, dinner time... most unpredictable thing which is we all go for vegetarian foods. wooohoo... and my friend fetch go there... more even WOoohooo....

this restaurant is near the macalister road there... hmm... the food there not bad la is quite nice also .... and i order their fried rice and mushroom soup... yummy.... total is RM7.50... haha..

and i also have a shot on the sunset... har~~ long time didn't take photo on the sunset d... all the while i just working only haiz... no time... sad~~

then i go back to work and like nothing to do... so free then i walk here and there chat... and the time passes so fast... lucky ^^V

then i punch my card at 9pm plus, and i wait for them to go home and before that we have a little chat again.. wah that was fun la... it was my fun day ever.... i hope this kind of day will never END..!!

And today i didnt fetch anyone go home cause of matt off day haha... then i rush go home then with high speed, WoooHooo... fun... dun even feel scare also LOL... i like the feel... haha

come back and have some exercise and then go bath, eat and online then sleep d... haha plus today got football also so i dunno wanna watch it or not haha...

That's all guys.. night ^^V

Friday, July 9, 2010

simple day

Yesterday i slept at 3am in the morning, then today i wake up at 11.30am wow... so enjoy... i haven sleep for such a long time d... so enjoy la... then i wake up d and have my breakfast and then go online a while...

My mom told to that the RM100 celcom deposit letter is already send to my home and ask me go to bank and bank in cheque... when i need to go out then the sky is getting dark and darker.. but i have no choice to wait... About 1.30pm my mom send me a msg said that u still at home ah, didn't to the bank? then i change my cloth and then go to bank and bank in lo... haiz... but lucky the sky "didn't CRY" if not i will wet when i come back....

After that i reach my home and have my lunch then online again and chat with people... and then about 6 pm, i decide to do some exercise at the youth park there... long time didn't exercise d...

then i went there,i have done pumping, jogging.... after i feel my leg was pain may be lack of exercise or may be i exercise over limit d.

8 pm i reached my home and have my dinner and then go online and go to sleep d haiz... what a simple day for today...

Boring day ever...

U know what?? I feel boring for today lo... and keep thinking about... the things is what i thinking about, myself also dunno... but some how i keep thinking and thinking is useless d. Sometime i need to work it out.. MAN!!! Yesterday i do post a statement which is

i know is sound CRAZY, SILLY... is it HARD to be a MILLIONAIRE???

then my friend reply me the msg... i glad that got people saw that statement and comment about it.. but some how it just "A" friend comment only haiz...

Plus today is was like so bored without a friend to come and chat with me... and i keep arranging the books is just to anesthetize myself. So, 12noon d i suppose eat at 1pm but i wanna change to 12noon then after thinking right... then i wanna eat at 1pm.. because i haven eat with the Mr.Lee before. haha...

But today feel so weird lo... cause sometime i will go with friend,matt but today nope... and today he bz, i also bz... so can even chat a word also and the lunch time also different and i ask he to change but he dun wan haiz... feel so bored d... and if MJ is there then will be more interesting lo can chat even more while she is bz... LOL.. but the worse part is she resign d haiz... feel so boring lo...

Talking about Mr.Lee, he was annoying person(ofcause but he is very funny...) and after he talk a lot nonsense, and i feel about his nonsense is funny then i LOL... and i have a long time that i didn't laugh out lound before... i miss that part... (REALLY miss it...). Yet he also treat us an ice cream too... haha...

So, while i going back d. i was wander that i feel so speechless when wanna talk to matt... feel like no word between us... like really NOTHING!!!! i hate this kind of feeling...!!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

random post...

Today i was wake up at 9am, wow is late d i suppose to wakeup before 9am. Then i was so rush to work and i have my milo and biscuit and then go to work...

Lucky is i reached there on time haha... didn't attend late... we having a briefing and the go for arranging books and clean the book rack... Wao... so dirty haha...

About 1pm like that me, matt, KJ, DM go to pragin mall to have our lunch and feel so bored and sleepy somemore... haiz... then about 2pm then we all went back to work and I got to go for the external storeroom to tag the price tag on the books... wow... is dark inside leh...!! no light one... and yet i tag until 6pm then can come back... wow... tired ever..

6pm d, we have dinner at the Oasis.. there and i order the black paper chicken rice and cost about RM4.80... then food there is quite nice la...

7pm d we all, went back to work and i feel so free, walk here and there and didn't do any thing just waiting hp come back and get the store keys and go back to storeroom take stock again... swt... but is ok la just 100books... need to tag only... haha...

plus... today Mj was not there and feel so boring without her laughter... haha and we have a new comer come to the Chinese dept to help them... hmm he looks elder than me... haha...

ok then that's all for today... nite...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

outing with pop!!!

Today is my off day again and i had sleep for 9hours...(wasn't much cause i start sleep at 3am so wake up at 11.30am plus)
So is about 12noon, then i go down and help my mom.
about 1pm, my friend edmond calling that he will come to my house and go together...
then about 1.30pm, my friend calling that he is ready to fetch us.

So, i tell my mom that i need to go back d... and about 1.45pm edmond reached my house then both of us just waiting for matthew and MJ only... haha

about 2.05pm,they arrive d and we all go for movie which is The Bac
kup Plan...(start 2.50pm) before that i went to ATM to get some money haha... about 2.50pm the movie started d... OMG... this movie was great!!! i laugh from the start till the end of the movie... GOOD movie.... haha

then the movie finish at about 5pm so we wanted to watch the 9 temples: Death Ghost but the time is 6.45pm which is late d. Then we cancel it change to go eat donut at the Jco Donut at queensbay... Oh... the donuts was great..!!! and it just cost RM21 for 1 dozen...we share it... each person get 3 donuts... haha... nice...

After that we decide go gaming(DOTA) for guys only, and matthew fetch MJ go home first then we go "DOTA" at the game free there... we play till 12mn... OMG...late d... then we have our "dinner" and then matt fetch me and edmond go home... we reached home is about 1am d... wow so tired and i have my bath and then go study my math a bit then i went to sleep d... wow... damn tired... and i had massaging with MJ also...

That's all night...^^

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gathering... FUN...!!!!

Today is my off day, so i and my classmate having a gathering at Queensbay mall there. We suppose to reach at Queensbay mall there by 8pm, but while we reached there. I just saw way keat and adrian only...and where are the girls??! *wandering*

About 9pm d, then they all arrive and we have dinner at the Dave's Deli QBM there... hmm... the food there is quite nice and the price is ok too..
Beef Rissole RM13.00

Chicken Schnitzel RM13.00

HY with her food...

so do her... haha..

after that we have a group photo together at there,

then we also decide to go for Karaoke at Neway Karaoke Box.

But while we reached there then we looks at the price is RM30 person. So, we all get shock d and wan go for movie... haha which is knight and day (actually i wanna watch the 9 temples: Death Ghost.. see whether at night got what effect... sure will be so scary...)

before the movie start we still have an hours to go. So, we all go play game

have u see girl racing before?! but i SURE u got watch before haha...

and having sundea ice-cream too... and we have some group photo at there too... wah a nice day haha...
About 1 hours time, we all went up to the cinema and watch the movie... while i in toilet, there was power cut, WOW, so dark inside there haha...
and yet the cinema also crowd with people cause of power cut, everyone went out and wait the power supply...
see the crowd??

wow... a lot people la... haha

And i buy the New York Chicken and light coke too.. is just for the movie and cause of i starting hungry d hahah... then the movie suppose started 11.45pm but cause of power cut then delay d. 12.15am the movie start and i feel sleepy cause i slept late yesterday about 4am in the morning.

I reached home is about 3am d... haha so tired and have a bath also then watch the football a while and online some more... haha then sleep at 4am in the MORNING!!! oh my god..!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Wow... today i going to work feel so boring from the early morning till lunch time, just dun wan to work and just wanna chat with the others friends till the end of the working day. So, today i reached at work is about 10pm then i go arrange the books... and then lunch time, me, MJ and LT go to the PM for lunch... haha... and suddenly we feel so moody, like nothing to chat with...

then about dinner time, we decide to go eat CHENDUL again.This time we had meet a group of taiwan people haha... and the ask about which one is nicer... then we say that CHENDUL nicer lo hahah... and we also heard they need chopstick to eat chendul

plus, at the CD-RAMA there also play a video which is SUPER JUNOIR live concert in Japan... and we heard the Sorry Sorry song... then we feel so fun to heard it and i wanna learn that dance too haha...

about 9.40pm, i reached my home cause of i fetch my friend, matthew go home. and i have the project runway season 5... like a bit nice(i think so cause i lack of watching it for long time, so i feel a bit bored...)

After that i was searching the Sorry Sorry by super junior cause of their dance i wan to learn then i also found out that 2NE1 which is Korean girl group and they looks beautiful

and so do their headphone too... haha.. cool right?!

that's all for today haha... now already 3am in the morning d so wanna go to sleep d. haha....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

memorable day ever..!!!

First thing first.... Today is my off day and suppose go for hiking at the AIR ITAM dam there with my friend, matthew. But suddenly he said wanna change to play football but then today he feel tired and wake up late and didn't go play also...(lucky i didn't go also hahah)

Second thing, i feel so boring while i off day and feel like nothing to do. Plus, my mom today also off day because of rainy day in the early morning... she stay at home with me also.... hahah.

So, i said to my mom that today i got something to do need to go out... hehe...

Is about 3pm d i go to bank and check my money see whether have bank-in already... YEAH!!! is already bank-in d then i get some money use to buy book and DVD...

Third thing, is go cut my hair... cut it short hahah... is just 3 weeks ago i already cut then now i go cut some more haha... weird right?! cause i feel my hair is getting thicker d. So, i go cut it lo.... hahah... and cost me RM15... wei.. is much more expansive than last time cut... haiz... nvm la

Forth thing, which is i go to popular today and suddenly my friends say that

"u come find MJ, is it???"

then i feel so weird about it and yet, they also mention that i fetch MJ go back home yesterday... hmm... then i was wandering that

"why and how they know this thing...???"

then i try to found out who is the one who telling this case..
Ohh..... which is matthew said one and i suppose to fetch him go back but MJ had no money d then i need to fetch her go back lo. haha... whats wrong if i fetch a girl go home, right??!!

Fifth thing, which i brought wrong thing which not the DIGI prepaid and is MOL point... OH GOD..!!! which cost RM10 and that not the worse part.. THE worse is i help my friend(ah beng) to buy and cost him RM50... what a stupid guy i am..!!!! lucky my another friend say that he will ask his friend to buy or who wants it... HOPEFULLY got people wan to buy it lo.

Sixth thing, finally i brought the Naruto Shippudden DVD the movie 6 it cost RM10.90. Cheap right?? and original price is RM12.90... cool save RM2.00... *hahaha*

so thats all for today... haha... night..^^

Monday, June 28, 2010

"no title"

Hmm... today i was wandering my friend, matthew was driving car to fetch me... then i wait for his call but then didn't receive any call then i went to work d... haha... today my lunch time is suppose to be "C" (C means eat at 2pm). but then they ask me to change to 1pm :P*hahaha *

about 1pm i went to have my lunch with my friends.(bao bao, matt, lee teng)four of us went to the boon hua cafe there and we all sit with cashier aunty(Ah sim)... then u know what?! LUCKY i didn't order the drinks at there today cause the aunty had drink a "cockroach" inside her drink... *nausea* lucky she didn't swallow the cockroach... *haha*

then i go back and work(wrapping the books, watching customers... to prevent stealing books)... and i have to go for the store to counting the books quantity... haiz... tired lo... and need to count it in the dark room...

after that is about dinner time, four of us go to Pm to have our dinner there... but we haven decide where we wan to eat, and we spent about 15minutes to decide. After that we all decide to go eat at the "QQ LA MEE" there and the food there is quite expansive... *haha*...

plus, today feel a bit silence haha... cause got some one offday but lucky is another person is present on today... haha... AND today i have meet a lot of friends around popular wow... haiz.. too bad is they all come to get the biasiswa(500 per person wow...) I sure that they will be so happy...

So, today i was fetching my friend, matt go home then i go across the farlim and it looks dark cause of power failure... *haha*

Oh ya!!! about the world cup yesterday...!!! WAH LAO... England suppose get two goals for that game but... not !!! WHY....!!! swt lo...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

boring and sleepy day ever !!!!

OH MY GOD...!!! i really sleepy and get boring today... cause i slept around 3AM in the morning, MAN!!! and need to wake up around 8.30am to prepare for work and u know what??? i wont get sleepy while i going for work... BUT when i start to work then i feel sleepy and i duno how to do d haiz...

PLUS, today MJ is offday so i feel boring while she was not there... *hahaha* and today got a lot people coming to popular.. *argh...!!! such a boring day make really headache* lucky is i just stay at the storeroom for matching the books thing...*hahaha*

ok then is NVM so i end with a day like this...*ahhhh* Hate it lo... then i wandering hor when i shall i quit ?? cause of retake MY STPM then i need to be prepare for that... haha... (just within 4months time... short term...) gosh... what am i thinking about???

AND tonight go the world cup matches for the England vs Portugal is on 10pm(Malaysia's time) should be live on TV1 but NOT!!! because i dun have ASTRO then i need to wait till 12mn then can watch... helo at 12mn then can watch at tv1 swt lo... people already finish watching then i "baru" want to watch... haiz.... BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

frustrated for me!!!!

Aaaahhhhhhh..... now i like really fear of my future d. wanna be a successful person also need to think clearly. i had think so many things and so many ways to have a brighter future.

First i have think about retake my STPM so i have to exam on end of this year which is Nov 2010. So, if i good luck enough to have a good result than this year, so i might get the course and Uni that i want. BUT if worse than i though then i won't get the courses that i wan and then Uni that i want to enter...

Second step, which is college way. So, my friends have suggested me some of the college that good in engineering course... this is because of my friends say that engineer is good and can earn a lot of money and this dream is since when i was form 4 in secondary school when i enter the technician class which have engineering drawing subject that i love it so much.So, at that time i might thinking of be an architect or be a civil engineer.

the college which is INTI college and MONASH Uni... those college that are good in engineering(my friends say so, but i have no idea about the college). OK...!!! then i have search for the civil engineer course in INTI and MONASH also but i can't even know how much i need to pay for the course.. OK... although go PTPTN loan then how much will they lean it to me??? that's why what i'm worry for!!!

Ok then MONASH is much expansive than INTI, that was my friend say it me... haiz...and both college and Uni are at KL.. EXPANSIVE... while living there...!!!

Third step, Local Uni which is Utar(University Tunku Abdul Rahman) which cost about 30k~40k for the civil engineering course. So, i good but i dunno about the cert. If the cert that not recognize by others country then i will die(if i wanna go for oversea working la...)

Forth step, which go for culinary art at KDU college... which cost about 36k for 2years and 4 months time... haiz... that is the one i interest in too... haiz... is hard to make such a decision like this...

who will tell me??? WHAT SHOULD I DO....???(i know all this things must make a decision by myself)

Monday, June 21, 2010

rainy day!!!

Gosh!!! today wake up like wanna do something or have an activity but it rain for whole day, from early morning till 8pm... GOSH...!!!! HATE IT...!!!!

Suppose i gonna go for work one but heavy rain like this cant even go for work, so i decide didn't go to work but i wanna go to the Bank to create another account haiz... mana tau it still raining...

Plus, my friend had asked me go for Gym last few days ago but is because heavy rain i can't even step out from my house...

Plus plus, another friend asking me go for DOTA but raining day like this haiz.... lazy to talk more tired about this kind of weather....

whole day long just sit at home ONLINE... WALAO... tooooooo boring d....

Friday, June 18, 2010

UPU result out d...!!!

Hey UPU result out d... i sure all those STPM 2009 students will b so nervous and exited too... hahha... but for me is in others way cause when i get my result for the STPM i know that is difficult for me to enter Uni d... hahah

But i also wan to enter too la cause i dun wan to waste time to retake. *haha. So, yesterday i starting from 1am to 3.30am search for the UPU result but it like too LAG and cause of a lot people go log in hahah...

SADLY, cause can't log in then i go sleep d haha... and while i went to work, i feel so tired and sleepy too.. GOSH....

So, while i went back d, i straight a way go online and log in to see the result... haha... BUT badly is i DIDN'T GET IT.... lol... but i also go appeal for the Uni hahah...

Lady gaga - alejandro

first of all, i would to said congrats that she had done this video. But after i look at it... haiz... it was like critic about the religion thing... Gosh... how come????

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today i and my friends all going for paintball at the PISA there... hmm... first time go for paintball look fun also but i my pocket is more hurt than me... hahah.... it cost RM35.00 which is the cheapest in penang...

about 5pm d we all go back d and i feel tired d haha...

Monday, June 14, 2010

waka waka...

Oh this song is just melt me off just nice and fun.

pass 4 years ago shakira has make a fabulous song for the world cup. Now the waka waka song is more interesting for the world cup... GO waka waka...!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

hey... is WAN WAN!!!

hey, today Popular book store like happening a lot event... woo hoo...

First, is 'wan wan' coming to popular having a talk and have a autograph too for the her fans ^^
me and my friends also go and have a photo shot with her >.<

Second, is a photographer name Billion Lim, he also come and have talk near the Popular komtar there... WOW.... i wanted to buy his book but i got no money in my pocket (~"~)... and he also teach some of the photo trick to take beautiful photo.

and today the worse part is i need to put all the sensor inside the book. :( my finger feel a bit pain. XD

Thursday, June 10, 2010

KDU reunion!!!

Today we having a reunion at the KDU college and we having lunch there... and Pc's friend is a chef and cook for us ^^ haha what a joy

first they serve us with a orange juice (hm... not bad hahah...)

then continue with the soup (squid seafood cream chowder)

up next, which is the main course
looks delicious right??

Lastly, is the dessert (Ultimate chocolate brownies)
  • comment: the brownies was a bit hard lo...

So, we have a group photo with our chef^^(can u find out where he is? ^^)

before going back or any where, we also decided to go for movie and bowling too... this is the movie we talking about 'KILLER'
OMG!!! i like the way the Katherine Heigl she act... yeah!!!

And before the movie we also take a photo but is was just for girls only hahah... and we also buy some pop cone for the movie... Woo Hooo... i finally can get pop cone d cause the pop cone at the genting there looks expensive for me... *sob

So, after the movie then we go to group floor for buying something to eat cause some girl are hungry d hahah....

  • comment: the candy was just a little bit only and cash RM1.00 for that
Then we all straight away and go for bowling... Woo...Hoo.... what a fun day for me and them hahah...

above which is boy's score
and u know what i get the higher mark ;P 100 marks... first time get this mark may b is because of them present^^ love them all ^^

above which is the girl's score

and we have dinner cafe there which is opposite the PCGHS (penang chinese girl high school)

i take a photo of the mountain near the penang bowl^^

and i had order a rose cheese sausage^^
  • comment: taste good and cheap also (RM7.50)
while about 8.30pm d we all was decide to go back BUT for the guys SURE!! go for another event which is DOTA haha... hmm... quite fun too hahah... and for a noob like me still can kill someone haha...

after the game was 12midnight d, so we all decide to go back d hahha... OK that's all for today...