Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ang pao trips haha... kinding...

Today is the third day of the Chinese New Year
At first Jennifer and Poh Chong come to my house
then around we go to Poh Chong friend's house (Zi Qian) near the Hamikan school there and hue yii stay near by the area alsoAt Zi Qian's house

but the sad thing is we can't go to hue yii house cause they wanna go out leh hahaha...
so go another friend is Poh Chong friends too (Soon Xiong) i duno the name i get it right or not... hehehe...
We play until like 5pm like that then we decide to go Jelissa's house but she haven go back yet so we go to Sue Ling house to visit and so play majong too but no money $$$ hehehe...

ok ready to play ????

what a nice view... a blue skysss.... har.....

but I win 2 or 3 time just a beginner only hahah
then we go Jelissa's house cause she back haha...
then we play card at her house a moment and Ming Yen there also
about 10pm +++ we decide to go back
wah so tired but quite fun la ^^

Monday, January 26, 2009


Today, my friend, JJ come visit me
then around 3.00pm then we go to 极乐寺
We go until 5.00pm like that then go another friend(wei sheng) house visit again haha...
At his house we eat a lot lo hahah...
Around 8pm we go back liao wao what a nice day for me or may be us or may every one hahah....

极乐寺's Pictures

Wao so many tang long lo hahah... it look beautiful


Inside the tower

Tang Long 's shadow

is it gourd farm or pumpkin farm ??
may be both hahaha....

is it looks Q, right?

view from the 万佛塔

these is unlimited end of sky

did u saw mine house (flat) ??

The End

Happy Niu Year!!!





Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walao eh!!!!

Yesterday I were so angry lo cause i'm wanna go back liao then the bar tender ask me to wash those glasses
He is so free and chat there and wan call some body to wash the glass for him
CEH...!!! do by your own la... F***
then i went back liao and so shopping go buy some new short pants for CNY then go to see those shoe "BUM" wao the design was great lo but no size haiz....

Then today I and my mum go again to the sunshine farlim there to shop again... so i saw a shoe but is addidas one cost RM 279.50 YA is SO EXPPPPP........ XD
then I dun want buy it liao la

beside to is CNY eve so have a great dinner with all u family member




Monday, January 12, 2009

Ama's Birthday

Yesterday is Ama's birthday so we celebrate with her at the 'golden steamboat 金火锅' at the Nargo street nearby the new world park there...

golden steamboat 金火锅

They start around 7pm++
Ama, becky, hui mei, hui min, me, adrian, ming yen, zhu zhu, vinny,
wah so sweet but why Ama facing another way?? hehe...?!

"hehehe....hahaha..." duno what r they laughing for...?? = =||

becky feeding some body... haha... or may be not.... hahah...-.-|||

AAhhhhh!!! open urs mouth Adrian...!!! AAhhhh...!!!

AAhhhh... I already open my mouth liao so fast put in... so tired la...

hey there... helo.... I think this 3 young ladys r looking at the handsome guys down there hahaha....

wah how much is it inside the ' ANG PAO '?? this is from vern lim for Ama

this is ming yen, vern lim, vinny, adrian, hui min, zhu zhu' tables... what a mass....??!!!

Ama, hui mei, me, becky's table... I think ours is ours clean than them hor... hahah....

after finish eat we go pay ours money $.$

so they duno doing what?? eating the apple, guava, tomato with chocolate... haha...

Around 10pm+++ we all go back with full of stomach errhhhh.....!!! hahaha....

Monday, January 5, 2009

open school liao!!!

Everybody as u know now... we are return to school again ( is it seem stupid?? hahah...)
haiz.. first day... first period is ours PA teacher AGAIN... galuleh(OMG!!)
then nvm la

Another haiz...??? yup is the math aiyooo making me @.@ blur... blur...
Second is the school activity are so pack... some more wanna tuition...
OMG..... I'm run out of time!!! IS KILLING ME !!!!
Haiz... again? ya la... get use to it...

never mind....
last Saturday I watch "The Matrix"
may be some of you watch it before or some of you may not~~...
so watch it hehe... ~.~"

IS very nice la although is it 1999 movie but is really nice and it got continuous too...

Matrix reloaded

Matrix Revolutions

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year Eve!!

Other ppl celebrate for the New Year 2009 but me still working... haiz...
but NVM still can celebrate at my working place ^^

First... my work time is at 12 noon~ 3pm then need to go back and then come back at 5pm ~ 12night... very late right??!! haha....
So, I at 12 noon to 3 pm I and other staff was setting for the table like plate, bowl... then after setting then go back but before go back I and other staff need to cut vege =.=|||

Then I go back liao and buy KFC to eat hehe... xD Yummmeeee.....

Around 5pm then I go to work again... the supervisor need to do some presentation AIYOH... so malu la...
At around 7pm then dinner is started liao so the GM said " no need to do the presentation" haha... so happy haha.. AND also have some performance like latin dance, and the most interesting part is the "SEXY DIVA"

Got a part of one "sexy diva" is so funny aiyo... "nothing...nothing...nothing.." "your... your... your..." do by the Sexy Diva haha... is really really really funny la....

I duno how to said about it la... but is really funny... and we go some tips also hehe... but not much la...

When last 30 seconds the flying balloon come out and nearly 12am the flying balloon below got the board written "welcome 2009" haha... everybody was so happy and dancing hahah...

I suppose go back at 12pm but I dun wan so I wan to go back around 2am de but a member dun let me go back and wan me and other stuff to stay and drink...

At 3.30am I gone back liao haiz... so tired and need to wake up early too go to work at 11.30am fuiyoh....
BUT I never been that fun before haha...

This the short is recorded when the balloon is come out^^