Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thing that can happen every days

In my class, every days sure got something happen
so this are the thing^^

above is seldom happen but below one may be every day....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Good morning pic!!!

I take some photo at morning
the sky is so beautiful fuiyoh....!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My new camera

I brought a camera,
I so happy with it,
although that is not the one I like but still OK la...^^
actually i wan tone is powershot A720is but is sold out liao then ma buy powershot A590is

sukan saringan

Ours school having sukan saringan on saturday
so our HM said
"u all can sell food and drinks"
"those cannot run then go for la la 队"
"cannot do both then go eat, k?"

quite funny hor ???

this is our CGU club sell pancake nice u know ^^

our princess sell pancake for the club^^

OMG!! My friend is buy from us ^^

OK.... Done dealing^^

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let relay for life

Today is relay for life event
we also attend in this event and so do other school too
got MBS, PCGHS, upland, CLHS, and more

there got so many people there...
when I reach there the event was started liao

then I starting to mix in with them

see all those tent and people

our class princess showing her hand to me.... =.=
beside her is it Ming Y

they all seen like so boring

what r they doing??
going back
the guys at the back look like so tired or may be too boring??

wow rainbow........!!!!!!!!!!!!
brown sky

blue sky ^^

the lantern is on

rain is coming so we start to do the tent, if not we will become wet chicken....

the SXI school is up to something


About 1.30am like that I and jennifer go the 7 eleven the eat noodle cup at the gurney drive there but there dun have hot water swt...

at the roundabout there go car racing I think and so many people too
and we stop and have a look haha....

then we decide to go KFC but still closing
lucky is beside the go 7 eleven so eat at there
and take some photo too hahaha....
good and delicious

after that we go back to the camp before that we go back find PC them cause the went to CC again
Finally found nothing there then go back

and I didn't sleep until morning 5.45am
cause inside the tent there got a couple sleep inside there
but can u think that

a man like CH he should let the girls sleep inside not outside but he didn't he and YC 2 person sleep inside the tent and he said that u all can come in and sleep one
who wan to be the lamp post inside there

so do PC too let the tent to other class
then all no need to sleep

SWT.... =.=|||

I sleep around 1 hour only the wake up liao

Oh ya this is about Adrian he run more than 30 rounds I think
and i duno why he wan to run until like that non-stop
from 2am until 9.30am like that...
what a nice blue sky...har....

see all the rubbish we have make
then they all starting to walk

and having " tarik tali " event
got 1 man vs 10 people so cool

At the end he lose, but at least he try ^^

This young man was go to CC until this morning then he sleep
actually he can sleep one
is because of me he can't sleep

wOw... so many begs and where the others

Ming : U can't see me!! :P

so do
Juju : U can't see me!! :P

and thank you to all our sponsors

after that go some performance...
so nice and they all so pretty

let fighting cancer together!!!
fight!!! fight!!!
At the end, u know what ??
those monkeys come and collect food that we left behind and go up the tree and eat