Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movie : Lock Out

Today I wanna go watch a movie called "Lockout", after since that day I watch Battleship and I ask my friend how was the Lockout, 'OK' he said. So, I though I wanna watch it on movie day which is today. So,I planned whole thing of the day. First, after working then I need to go for workout second thing which is went for the "LOCKOUT". This was my second time watching movie without a friend to company me, feel so lonely *thought*

So, I went to gym to have cardio training then later weight training for about two hours time in the gym.... *LoL* After the workout, I went for shower then about 9pm plus I was on my way to Cinema and it was a raining day after I come out from the gym... haiz... but luckily it was no heavy rain. The movie start at 10.15pm so I went there early and buy my ticket then I went to bookstore for "window shopping"...

And is about time already, I went to buy a combo 6(Large Popcorn & Ice Lemon Tea) to enjoy my movie and I meet a few friends also.

After one and a half hours, the movie was finish and I really enjoy the loneliness of watch movie... *LoL* and yet the LOCKOUT was nice and funny in certain part of the movie. You guys really gonna watch this movie, enjoy^^ and I decided to go alone to watch another movie again...*LoL*

 This is the trailer of the Lockout, enjoy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satisfaction Day

Today my friend ask me go to the theater 'The Lady',time of the movie was 6.30pm.So,I was rush in time because I was working finished at 5pm plus. When I look at the time *WOW, need to fast d*, I reached at Gurney Plaza at 6pm while I massage my friend to ask where are they. "At Coffee Bean" they replied.

At Coffee Bean, I wandering that do I need to have a drink but in the end I order a Ice Blended Hazelnut *Large, RM15.90 with tax* taste great. After some chatting and drinks,we head to Cinema to watch 'The Lady' and I brought Large Popcorn too.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Aung San Suu Kyi. As you can see on the poster, she is mother of two, and she is breve too... now I really know her true story... unbelievable...

I like this picture so much and I don't know why I like it...because it beautiful...XD

After movie, we went for supper or may be dinner *LoL* at the Precinct 10  near Tanjung Tokong area.At there, got a lots of shop, some were Bistro Bar, Pub, Burger King, OldTown, and lots more... 

In the end, we decide to dining at OldTown restaurant and I order Tomyam Noodle and Peanut Butter Toast. Later we have a long chat after we finish our dinner. A satisfaction day for me^^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Assemble!!!

Avengers Assemble!!! Wow when I thinking of this words I feel great. I have been wait for this movie since last year I had watched the movie 'Captain America'. And Yes, yesterday I went to watch 'The Avengers' with a friend.

The movie start at 8.30pm so before that we went for eat. Too bad was we eat overtime and the opening didn't watch for few minutes(Though so.. or one minutes? XD) 

At the beginning, I felt funny with the conversation(Captain America and Iron men) but then when they fought with the Aliens(I thought) that was AWESOME. Like no word to describe this movie(may be XD).

At the ending part, when Captain America ask The Hulk to smash(he really smash thing up), he smash all Alien and the last was Loki(the most terrible smash and the funny part) XD

The overall was great!!! Should go watch and hoping for the next movie,like Marvel anime can be convert to real movie, so excited!!!  XD