Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Assemble!!!

Avengers Assemble!!! Wow when I thinking of this words I feel great. I have been wait for this movie since last year I had watched the movie 'Captain America'. And Yes, yesterday I went to watch 'The Avengers' with a friend.

The movie start at 8.30pm so before that we went for eat. Too bad was we eat overtime and the opening didn't watch for few minutes(Though so.. or one minutes? XD) 

At the beginning, I felt funny with the conversation(Captain America and Iron men) but then when they fought with the Aliens(I thought) that was AWESOME. Like no word to describe this movie(may be XD).

At the ending part, when Captain America ask The Hulk to smash(he really smash thing up), he smash all Alien and the last was Loki(the most terrible smash and the funny part) XD

The overall was great!!! Should go watch and hoping for the next movie,like Marvel anime can be convert to real movie, so excited!!!  XD

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