Thursday, February 25, 2010

STPM result released

Today is the STPM result day so feel so scare to face my own result. i sure i will not get the good result. when i get i was feel numb... and wanna die... CGPA is not even 2.0 really OMG... haiz... dunno what to do...

First i was thinking is try to apply U and see whether can accept. If cant then really wan to retake.
Second is might go to college but i thinking is need a lot money to enter college... although got PTPTN loan but still need to
Third is might study hard to retake STPM. I know it might b stupid for u all but i have no choice... :(
Lastly is might go out work d :(

so now i at the cc...
and u know what ?!
Mr Sim sms to me said that
Mr Sim:What's yours chem result?
ww: Wanna cry. is just C+. i had try my best d
haiz... i duno how is it leh...
i don't wan go college but don't wan waste time to retake STPM... haiz... what to do??? :(

Monday, February 22, 2010

The 9th of CNY

The night is a celebration for hokkien people so the pray to GOD. So, at night got a lot people playing fireworks then i go down and have a look and take some photo too...^^

First time take on fireworks only :P

how is it??

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy CNY!!!


So, this year CNY like quite a bit "quiet" lo...
hmmm... don't know can be like last year go out with friends or not....??
and also every year is the same la

Eat Chinese orange

Eat cookie
Take Ang Pow
and a lot of thing to do also... ^^

Sunday, February 14, 2010

30 night!!

CNY is near d... and today i just brought my CNY cloth and pant only haha... i pant already cost RM159.90 horrible...!!! i though is RM59.90 because the paper block my view haha... then my mom said wan to buy then she brought for me lo... I love my mom ^^

Before go buy shirt right i have to go sunshine city to return the "pass" then they will gave me back Rm8 to me ^^... so i saw a lot of people didn't go work d. but left sunshine staff only... and i like really miss them la :'(
Nvm la the sunshine city haven bankrupt i still can go find them hahah....

and i also brought celcom broadband too.. but i dun think is nice lo because it will disconnect it own. swt lo :(

Night time my mom cook a lot for us and i feel so full haha... funny right??

Plus tonight i might not sleep d cause need to stay a wake cause all light bulb in my house all light up d and cannot switch off 1...^^ I also decide to go hiking with my mom in the early morning to watch sunrise^^ and i never go hiking and watch sunrise with my mom before...

blogging at house

Friday, February 12, 2010

last day working

Today is my last day for work and i feel that i dun wan leave, but before i come to work that i think"hopefully can end this job fast" mana tau so fast the time gone through haiz... and i wanted to take photo with those aunty and the others promoter.

and i also sold the tiger26 cans packs, guinness 26cans packs, Heineken 26 cans pack and also the Anglia shandy(original) and Anglia shandy (grape)... so happy about it ^^

I also take photo about it too...^^ and we i go back i also brought 6cans of shandy grape ^^.. and take photo also haha...

so sad to leave them all... is it i too emo ??

Before reach home then i was went to my friend LKT house to borrow his Digi broadband to use... then i will decide which brand is the best haha.... weird right?? after that i was ask Yc go eat burger with me de but her mother already buy the burger for her then she said u buy d then come to my house and eat lo ....

this is really weird... right??!! xD

AND u know what i test the Digi for a few hours. I stay a wake till 6am morning then sleep and i wake up at 9am morning just sleep 3 hours only and dun felt sleepy also...

to be continue on next blog

Saturday, February 6, 2010

once again 1 day SALE!!!

Once again the 1 day sale is on d. I working time is form 10am to 12am is about 14 hours again...!!!
nvm as long they pay me is enough ^^

Still i still thinking that "does Anglia shandy will discount like that day ?" So, i go to the counter there and check the price... Wow... lucky the price is not like the other day... But my tiger 26cans is RM89.90... the price is quite attractive ^^ and got two customers they wan all my tiger 26cans packs

Wow at that time i really shock... "is it really wan all my tiger26cans packs??" i thinking... then is really come true the wan ALL!!! and today's crowd is not like the other day 1 day sale are a bit less people coming heheh...

the carlsberg side got promotion which carlsberg 24cans just sell RM78.80 limit per ctn per family and they sold about 500 ctn.

see empty one!!!

Nvm la less people then i do less job ma...haha....

Friday, February 5, 2010

old carlsberg gone new coming!!!

Passes few days i was alone but now got new carlsberg people come to accompany with me. and i feel so luck is the carlsberg guy is from MBS and he also Form 6 student his name is Chia Hoong...
haha... so happy and i have chat with him also... but he got a bit childish like to watch the kung fu movie and like to act like them haiz... really swt la

But he quite ok la and he is a person can chat one. not like keven lo but may be they both also same kind one XD

Finally got accompany^^

my tiger beer 26 cans packs and guinness 26cans pack also finish d. see the pic just left tiger 24 pack and heineken 26cans packs only

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today my boss told me should start work from 10pm till 10pm but I not that sure is it true or not, then i decide to go at 1pm. >.<... So,I still have 3 hours time to go work. Then I listen some some from the TV, the song I heard is "meaningfull" which is 'Trouble is a friend' by Lenka. this is because the carlsberg guy resign left me alone and very day I need to help him to count stock!!!! hate it...!!!

About 1pm, I went to work and I was thinking "is it a boring day for me?". I was starting to arrange my things as usual but a bit boring lo... =.= Normally can chat with the carlsberg guy but now NO.... Haiz... Suddenly the merchandizer come and tell me need work 10am to 10pm starting tomorrow till 12/2/2010 are 12hours per day. But is boring and cant sleep more.

After that about 6pm, I go eat dinner with the others aunty. So, when I came back and I think that won't be so boring gua.... Then is really not boring lo and the time passes quite fast lo. Got a customer buy 9 ctn from me and I so shock and happy ^^. And yet, my free gifts are going finish d and I duno what to do next...??!!

At 10pm plus, I reached my home and have a bath then eat " mi goreng" and watch the "Mr Siao" show.. WOW... it really funny la when they sing the song " balik kampung" in mandrain version. hahahha.....

Today music^^

Written at swan meng cc

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Finally I can update my blog...^^ But this is a sad thing I ever blog (i think so...) because the carlsbergs guy want to resign already. Hmmm..... where should I begin....

WELL...! 16/1/2010 is my working day then when I reach there I feel so alone lo. No people talk to chat with. I feel so lonely.... hehe...

After few days are about 4 days later, the carlsbergs guy was arrived. So, I was starting to chat with him, ask something about him. At first is quite OK to chat with him. But in the end, like all the topic are finish chat already then nothing to chat with. Haiz... WHAT SHOULD I DO????

Day by day passes by, I was fel so lonely lo, like wanted to chat with him but I was thinking "what should I chat with him?" Haiz... But some how, we still have 1 similar topic which is 'DOTA' hahah... Then we start to chat again but after a short period then we stop chat again... because no topic can chat d... =.= I was wondering how was pc them can chat non stop at school about 'DOTA', no matter where they are... even canteen, classroom,tuition time... +.+ really "Geng"

I try many thing to attract him to talk with me but he said that "I wan stay alone, like to be quiet." So, I speechless. Again, I ask "how can stand this kind of surrounding, like so quiet?" then he said that "I wasthinking something else, so wont be so boring." Theni really speechless....

now, he really want to resign. Before that, he said don't want waste time skeeping at home so wan to work. but now much different is he said is boring like wasting time standing at here, do nothing. About this job I know is boring but can train our responbility, patient and etc. Just work 9 more days only then can rest d. Haiz....

Got a lots of thing he said before... he said...
"I want to gain experience about this job.."
"I want to till before CNY"
all this i heard may be are nonsence, all untrue... swt...

so irresponsible... (angry)

Today music...^^ (When Love Take Over - Kelly Rowland feat. David Guetta)
nice 1 must listen