Monday, May 26, 2008

a boring day or a happy day

26日 晴天

Today my parent is off day so i though is a happy day for me because i though we can go out and have fun but not is it a boring day now!!! AT afternoon i go jogging with my mom at botanical garden there wow!! WHAT A SWEAT?!

By the way today at the SO (shout out) there got new smiley all is QQ one (>.<)!! XD

Sunday, May 25, 2008

VERY tired day ~.~

25日 阴天

Today i wake up at 6.30am to fetch my friend go to youth part to do the biology peka la i think... They need to collect 25 type of insects and 25 type plants or just need 25 only bugs and plants so i go with them... i means her friends also go too. After we go to youth part liao her friends is waiting us liao i feel so shy for them to wait that long time...

Then we start to capture the bugs and collect the plants from there but at first i though is easy to capture those insects but it not that easy haiz... we waste that much of energy to caught the bugs but at the end just have 10 bugs only... then we go to 植物公园 to caught but all just dragonfly only haz... After that it was raining then i and my friend go to gurney plaza to eat some thing so we go to kim gary restaurant and eat at 12.30pm liao, so after we eat the time is 3.30pm liao haiz... so tired lo

Finally we go find the cricket from the shop but is finish liao haiz... but lucky is my friend de "kan teah" got the cricket so we just brought from there only haha..:D After that we go home and sleep liao ZZZZzzzzz...... SO TIRED LO......

Saturday, May 24, 2008


24日 晴天

Today i go to tanmark book shop to book my form 6 book, so i brought two that is physical chemistry and physic volume 1.
When i enter the book shop i saw a couple that they wan to books also but they are blocking my way to find my book... haiz... after a while they went off liao then i buy this two "cheap" books. Tis two book and a pen cost about RM60 so mahal lo...

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Friday, May 23, 2008

OMG!! the pussycat dolls is BACK!!!

PUSSYCAT DOLL is BACK with the new song "When I Grow Up" cool >.< ahh~~!!

enjoy this new music video!!!

tomorrow is holiday^^

23日 雨天

YEAH!! tomorrow is holiday but still got so many exercise need to finish it haiz....
lucky today physic teacher didn't come in our class because when teacher come in then she will teach until chapter 4 finish and then we need to do a lot of homework until chapter 4 ahh~~~ but never mind la more homework also good ma...^^

BY THE WAY today is raining day can't go out also so bored at home but never mind still need to finish my homework also haha~~:D

today de rain is so "sexy" ~.~!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

don't know what is today

22日 晴天

WOW!! Today is the day physic teacher teaching us physic
u know what she teaching like a bullet train so FAST!!! just 2 period time only the teacher is finish teaching 2 chapter is very very FAST!!! Then tomorrow teacher said that "I will finish chapter 4 by tomorrow then you all must do all the exercise before open school!!!"
Then i so panic lo need to do so many exercise by coming week...

By the way our math T teacher said that "I will test you all the form 4 and form 5 all the add math topic after school holiday, see u all still can remember or not..." Then i like "kena tembak" need to do revision all the Form 4 and Form 5 chapter all haiz..... THIS IS FORM 6 LIFE THEY SAY....

THE most happy thing that make me laugh is i meet the MGS girl they all like making a joke but is not that funny la but then i laugh non-stop... :D
after that i also meet another girl is from CDK school one but you know what the girl my primary schoolmate but i still don't know her "she is my primary schoolmate" previous 3 days class. On today i know her liao :D

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

very thinking day

Today my school teacher have a talk for each science subject in chemistry lab. The first talk is biology then i dun care about it because i did study biology at form 4 & form 5.
Then the second is the chemistry then the teacher just show we the reference book that we need to buy then she go out liao... that make my feeling so scare about the chemistry then third is physic... the teacher said that she dun care what u get in spm cause the stpm physic is different with spm physic so my body is shaking when heard what the teacher said... THEN the fourth is the math T. teacher say math T in stpm is hard so need to work hard and go back do the form 4 and form 5 add math... then the talk is finish liao haiz....

Then go back to hall to listen another talk is PA and MUET then teachers said need to read many many thing like news paper, book n etc... wow this will make my mind crazy before enter Uni


Sunday, May 11, 2008

funny picture

I receive a few picture that is funny then i would like to share with u all ^^

enjoy this all picture^^ it is funny or outrageous?!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Today i so headache because of the FORM 6...
Some of my friends said that they all wan to go TARC then i also don't know how leh but me now also don't know how to do...? They tell me go college but i also wan to go but need money$$$ how to go? everything is need money$$$!!!!
But form 6 is hard to study and got pressure...!!!
Some time i also don't know what i need and what i wan...
my life seem like so 矛盾... don't know what to choose.If i go form 6 then also need to choose science stream and arts stream... Some of my friends said that if go SCIENCE stream need to study so many 8 hour a day but ART stream is more relax... haiz...
WHO CAN TELL ME HOW????????!!!!!!!

but i also know no people will tell me how or help me de... :cry: /sob

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

:-) and :-(

Today i'm so happy and so sad.Because i quit my job liao at the PSC there but i fill so happy and sad... SAD is need to go back to school HAPPY is don't have to work liao but i still miss them sob;'(

this is PSC that i work there^^

view from the tennis court

this is also view from tennis court by is near evening liao so it will be a little bit dark^^

The next happy and sad is about form 6... Today i send massage to the form 6 to know i can go to form or then u know the result is what??!! IS CAN!! Then my teacher also send a massage for me the massage said that my friend can go to form 6. Then i was so happy about the news...after that i send massage to my friends also then they also shocked by the news... but the sad is my friend said that his parent wan him to go college... Me also so sad and scare because when enter to form 6 there will more pressure than form 4&5 some more need to tuition if not the will be "kalah" liao but i also wan to enter form 6 to challenge with the pressure and the score!! haiz... i hope i can la ^^

this is my school^^