Monday, June 30, 2008

happy day^^

OMG!! my friend is came back to form6 liao so happy
he take art stream ^^
this is the day hehee~~

but he take Chinese and PP or may be akaun
what a headache for him

Saturday, June 28, 2008

very tired day big sweat!!

Today is merentas desa day so it go 3 group and I'm in the 3nd group with my friend cause morning section male is in 3nd group... haha~~
Then i start to run and i asked my friends to run with me so i run as fast as possible but my friends not XXX


but i was thinking can i run faster than the girl?
so i run and i saw the girl haha~~~ so happy ^"U"^
cause girl need to ran 4km but boy is 6km!!
walao eh i though i will not win the girl haha~~ finally win the girl ^^

i ran until the end and i feel sick wan to "oooorrhhhh"
but finally not ^^ just feel pening only hehee~~
the sad thing is i run that fast still can't get top 30 haiz...
what a sad day for me sob...

Thursday, June 26, 2008


OMG!!! tomorrow got math test?! haiz...
don't know what to do with it sob...
another day is merentas desa on this Saturday boys need to run 6km then girl just 4km haiz...
what a day for me...

later a few week then is prom night liao
prom night...
need been there before haha...
need to wear what??
formal wear??
or shirt with jeans??
very funny ^w^

can someone tell me??
thx for telling ^v^V

Friday, June 13, 2008

Teacher's day

Today is teacher's day feel like...
but never mind la
this year teacher's day is not the same like my last year Form 4 and Form 5 haiz...
i means not that fun liao sob:'(

our school teacher and HM is sing a song u know what song?! is CHINESE song ^w^

~{camera technical problem}~
Student AND

~{camera technical problem}~
teacher chat here and there ^w^

the teacher VS student ^w^

student all look at teacher VS student match ^w^

yeah!! teacher win!!