Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Ern.... how shall i start with??? let start form morning....^^

YESTERDAY my friend CT ask me to go play basketball farlim 2g basketball field there at 8am, but i was wake up late and yet i duno anything about basketball.(i know is a ball that is round in shape...).So, when i was wake up is already 8.30am d. when i reach there is about 9am d.. xP...

I at there is just like a vase standing at there(hahaha...) around 10.30am we all go back.... and i just go down and help my mom. About 2pm like that,duck...!(msg's sound)

msg said that:
yc: wan go hiking?
ww: ok.
wk: u got go hiking?
ww: got.
hy: can fetch me? cause later will be traffic jam so i dun an to drive...
ww: sure..^^

when i go home d. i take a bath then still got 1 hours to go. So, i was decide to play game"DoTa" then play play is already 5.30pm then i was rush. close my pc, take my helmet, wear my shoe, then straight rush to hy's house... is a bit far but nvm ma. we all r friend ma...^^

when we both reach there wow...they(wk, yc, ch) all reach d...(i feel so shy...hehe...), then we start to hike and hike.... till station 3... i was shock is wk, he didn't feel tired...

about 7pm+ we all came down and have a walk at youth park... and take some photo with my cam^^..We saw the a big lizard in the water there...

Got 2 cases happening at youth park..

First case, (unlucky or may b lucky) is ch's motor key is gone then we all help him search around the youth park that we walk through...but didn't found out any thing...

then he call his mom to take another key from his house... (haiz... what a day...)so we all wait his mom to reach lo.. after a moment he get his key and when he start his motor, he found that his key is inside his helmet...

Second case,(haunted by...) while find ch's key, we also walk through the swimming pool side,and ch go visit "his lizard" and ask "did u(lizard) saw my key??" So, while we walk, got something moving at the tree there and got sound also. Then, Hy is the first person who run so fast and we all also get shock and follow her and run...!!!

haiz... what a day...!!!