Friday, September 26, 2008

luckly day or...^^

Today is the day they announce for the silang kata MERDEKA but i though today is just the end day for hand up the "silang kata" and announce on 6-10-08 but they change the date at today. Then i just buy 6 piece of the "silang kata" and hand up so u know what i get today haiz...
u see by your ownself la^^

this price i got 2 haiz... so...
then u know what kind of thing inside?

<<<<this thing....
got one in each beg haizzz

inside is this

this "EXTRA" got one in each beg
actually got 4 pens and 2 pens each beg another pen i give to jel liao...

I don't know i was lucky or what... but may be is lucky la cause some of the person hand up the form and then get nothing haiz... for example - PC : no need to many form de just 2 form is enough to get the price liao but in the end he get nothing haiz...

By the way
Jelissa get the tan mark voucher RM20 but is good oh^^

Vinny get the the DVD PLAYER lo WALAO EH!!! she just hand up 2 form ONLY then get DVD PLAYER fuiyoh~~~~!!!! she is the most lucky girl

Jean Li also get the DVD PLAYER also oh~~~

Wilson get the hamper and one thing i forgot liao very sorry ya ^^

Hui Min also get the hotel voucher at the tanjung bungah hotel there and she also get the english dictionary oh....^^

Hui Mei also get the beg like mine one...and i think she also get another price also but i forgot liao very sorry ya...


----The End----

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Once again...

Yesterday our physics teacher want to check our homework so we all let teacher check lo after that she come to my place then she said " you copy finish liao hor?" So I was said i not copy de... I'm do by myself then teacher don't believe that haiz....

Then once again today teacher want to check homework and she said a same thing like yesterday...haiz....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

new book!!!

NEW BOOK!!! crayon shin chan!!!

new crayon shin chan volume 48!!!
if your the fans of it then u must buy oh!! ^^

Friday, September 19, 2008



actually their birthday is on 20 Septe
mber 2008 (Saturday) but at Saturday we can't at school so we celebrate on Friday and we also celebrate Adrian became a head perfect!!!
WOOOOOOOOO... hebat!!!

HUE YI is the one who buy the cake if i not misstake hehehe...
One is cheese cake with a layer of jelly on top that is for celebrate for Adrian became a head perfect ^^

Another one is chocolate mint cake...

then we light up the candle and with sing birthday song together " happy birthday to chee hong
and also Miss Jelissa" hahaha....

then we eat the cake and the cake was so t
aste so good but i dun like the mint cake but is ok la haha...

this the chocolate mint cake...(for birthday girl and birthday boy)

this the cheese cake with a layer of jelly on top(for Adrian)

we , our form teacher and birthday girl and boy...

funny hor???

----THE END----

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today our physics teacher said that this exam will test until chapter 14 but total is 17...But before that said that she want to test until chapter 17 but teacher said she pity about so got discount...hahahahaha.... 14 chapter will be test.... FUIYO!!~~~~

BUT some of the "smart" stud said want to test until chapter 17 they are so smart until XD haiz... is like that liao la..

then continue with my chemistry teacher... FUIYO... i think in whole Penang is our school is the faster!!?? ERM... is whole penang is our class is the faster...
and exam until chapter 12!!! FUIYO!!!~~~ other school or other class just in chapter 6 ONLY... WALAO NO COMMENT...

Saturday, September 6, 2008


she invite all her friends to celebrate her Bday party
the party was start at 6.30pm but u know what??!! we reach there at 8.30pm that is UNBELIEVABLE... THIS IS BECAUSE Mr.PC lo he started drive at 6.30pm and need to fetch 6 person in a car(3 girls 3boys)... FUIYO~~~ but u know what kind of car is that is kenali
but NVM as long we can reach the party!!! haha~~~

after we reach there we eat, we drink and we happy!!! haha~~~

i play UNO game with other girls @.@lll

me and Jean Li

me and Vinny at the stair there. u know what r we doing??


1...2...3... UP...

Those girls was call me hug Vinny up to pretend like bride and groom but Vinny face look like so scare that i will let her fall down from my hand but i won't ^^lll

This girl huai huai oh... drink beer...
but she is good and pretty girl la...

After that all people is going back but just left me,P.Chong,Chee Hong,Yew Jun and 2 pretty girls...
We back at nearly 2am FUIYO that was the second time i go back that late ^^
But that night a memorable night for Sheng zheng...

Friday, September 5, 2008

When you see this spider - kill it immediately


poison spider

Day 5

Day 6

Day 9

Day 10