Sunday, November 30, 2008

view more!?!? =.=|||


Today i eat "tang yuan" still not the real day yet
I means the really day for "tang yuan" is on 21/11/08 (Sunday)
on the 21/11/08 (Sunday) is sell very cheap only just RM1.50
from the morning until noon only (5.00am-12.00)
if wanna buy then come lo ^^ thx
at rifle range flats (padang tembak) there

the "A" spot is the stall that selling 'tang yuan' ^^

the red spot is showing the stall too

left 7 biji haha... =.=|||

and I also saw a spider is like having a face on it back de

Oh ya!!! Yesterday I watch 3 movie hahaha...
from 8.30pm to 2.00am
WALAO I never watch movie like this continuous
1. 大老爱美丽 (8tv)
2. The Core (tv2)
3. The Arts of Seduction(ntv7)

The movie "The Core" I watch it on yesterday tv2 although is movie of the 2003. I know this movie is long time ago, and i think some of u all might watch it before but for I didn't ^^
This movie was really cool, great,.....

In this science-fiction film, the Earth's core stops spinning, and the resulting loss of electromagnetic field is expected to cause all human life to end within a matter of months. Using a new technology, specialists travel toward the Earth's center, where they hope to set off nuclear explosions and get the core spinning again. Appearing in the movie are Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, and D.J. Qualls.

and another one Korean movie

"The Arts of Seduction" 작업의 정석
I think u see this word 'seduction" u will starting to think other thing right? or may be not haha...
but nvm
this movie is 2005 but still can watch ma ^^

this movie really entertain me. REALLY ONE !!! This movie is really funny and making u laugh and what i also dun know how to say about it.... You watch liao then u know....It make laugh whole night.... Wahahahaha....
If u think that not funny then for me is really funny... Hahahaha.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

did u see what i see???

Today is raining day, i was help my mom
so i saw a rat "pindah rumah!!! "
it saw me,then i look to it...
i shock, it also shock...
the rat put down her's baby and run away

is it cute???


then tell mom shift this baby to another place so that this baby mom will see it ^^

BUT finally the mother found her's baby liao can "pindah rumah" to other place

then i play my shoe hahaha...
my shoe flow on the water... hahah..... xD

HEY~~!!! where is my shoe???

Monday, November 24, 2008

happy and what...???!!!

Happy is motor's licence is full liao no need to have P liao hahaha
but tomorrow my area will not have current from 9am-5pm
haiz... then my life will be more boring lo

another thing is need to work :(
no work no money
no money then will be very headache

Sunday, November 23, 2008

walao 120/day

U know what??!!!
i search a job that paid 120 per day u know!!!!!!!
then i cant cause that day i participate the star walk!!!
#@#$@$ !!!!

just a part time job only!!!!
girl 100 per day
guy 120 per day
5am-12noon only (7 hour)
then can get RM120

i run for the cert dun wan the RM120
do i looks crazy ????
YES!!! im now really crazy liao !!!!!! ahhhhhhh~~~~~~~


Thursday, November 20, 2008



walao eh... kana 1 month eh holiday tok eh boring kana S**....
Aiyoyo ...

some said wan to study
some said dun wan to work
some said boring like me haiz....
duno what is next swt... T.T|||

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

duno wan to write about......

yesterday i saw a firefly flying in front on my eye
wao i first time saw it fly in front of eye.... ha...............

this holiday is really boring for me.... hmm i think not just me gua every one also feel boring la
No study is good but like nothing to do ....
Travel is good but no money or too busy it also BORING
Hang out is also good but still waste up of money.... eat la... play... every thing is need money $$$
work is also a good ideal can earn some pocket money but still boring also no friends to work with...
playing computer game still can be play until bored....

new Disney movie is coming on now....!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

penang bridge international marathon

Lucky today didn't raining if not... we cannot run liao hehe...
walao today wake up so early i think but i just join the "FUN RUN" only compare to other person they all join FULL or HALF marathon and they need to wake up more early than us haiz....

so early morning so fun...
the whole road seems like is mine one... no one there while i am go by motor hahah....
then i though Hui Yi them all want to go eat breakfast but all CH problem so we cant eat then i straight away go to the Queensbay there wow i saw a lots of ppl
so fun...

then i reach there about 6.15am at the starting point there =.=
at first we all run together (me,PC,YC,CH,yew chun,CY and my friend LKT)
then PC said start run then we all run...
but run then run just left me,PC,LKT,CY then duno the other...
then we reach until the bridge there wao..... there like "HUMAN" traffic jam
then we take some take photo at there and CY at the 1/4 of the bridge take photo
...her and my hair like "something something">>>>>>>>>>>

after comb ours hair looks more better hahahaha...!!!

see!!! there hand so close to each other!!! i me ans i think u know it, right???

oh... my sunshine... oh... my sunshine...

ohh... so bright i cant see any thing!!!

i saw a kind of hair style
is spider shape hair style... is damn cool.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess who??

when the way back to the finish point still have a few distance to go...!!!

oh island see... =.=

first road sign!! means that is near liao.... haha...

ohhhh.... second road sign...!!!??

still have 500m to go!!!
wao so tired lo.....

oh finally reach the finish point....
and u saw the DIGI balloon...

suddenly so many ppl take photo with them...
then we take free milo,100plus drinks, coffee and some breakfast from fitness

after that got lucky draw
so i decide to wait and see but then pc want to go back so i also go back lo
but b4 that i go toilet u
again... u know what??
the toilet no "wash and flash"

SOME MORE!!!! the crazy is in the marathon got two ppl wear jacket and run that.... me and deborah.... hahah....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Tomorrow is the penang bridge run...
need to wake that early lo so tired 4.00am need to wake up liao...
so more go with moto ... haiz no car what to do...
+ tonight, the sky looks like gonna raining so scare tomorrow can't run T_T


Friday, November 14, 2008


Today is the late day schooling...
and 1 and a half month duno want to do what??
or just buat bodoh only??

Let start with this "wonderful" morning...
first of all, we all go to "perhimpunan" so like always we do is sing the national song...
after finish then should be go back to class... but NOT
must wait the HM to say some few word so we wait until wanna gila liao !!!! @%$&*#$%#$%
waste ours time to listen so thing that not that important...=.=
he said"u all dun play water in the school har"
u know why he say like this...?

cause ying sing them all kena water by the lower form student
so ying sing go tell HM about the case
then HM didn't take action on that student
then said like that in this morning...

ying sing them was so anger in this morning then PY write a letter for HM
and then we start to play MONOPOLY again!!!
5 person play (me,yoke ching, hui fang,wei hone,and way keat)
of cause first is need to buy land then can win de ma
then YC was the first person bankrupt swt...
then i also going to lose until no money in my hand buy lastly i get all my money back^^
but the most more money is way keat 8000++ i think...
then most more hotel is me, got 2 ^^ hahaha....

but the end ying sing said dun wan to play liao then she keep the monopoly haizz..... WHY??!!!
then we play mixture poker card and UNO hahaha...quite fun lo and funny too^^

Finally the school magazine is on my hand liao hehe

this year school magazine is better that last year
is fabulous....^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"ponteng" again??

today they decide to 'pon' sch again!!!
Cause today got 4 period of chemistry so they all absent...

In this morning i wake up around 7.25am so i think i late to go jogging at the Botanical garden there so i was rush and then go there...

then i didn't saw them all then i go in and have a look see whether they(gua wen, jen,PC1,CHand more...) here or not then we walk, walk, walk... then i saw PC2 then we search together after a big round walking then i saw ming yen
"i duno why am i here cause i didn't go for the marathon"she said then i lol.....
and she come with deborah^^

so she said PC1 has just run up there only then i and PC2 go up and see then we saw them liao and run together hahah...
then suddenly some one send msg to me and said" ming yen there ? jaga her k... dun let walk alone... after.. she lost in the jungle then monkey catch here..."
so i was laughing at the msg hahaha....

after a 2~3 round then we all go eat breakfast at the near by 1 stop there
u know what??
CH is the one can't run leh??!! >< style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">some one is going too??? @.@|||
or he just want the 20kk mark only??
or many he just pretend that he can't run then at the marathon day he run like a bullet train!!!
then about 10.10am we all go back liao

but i have duty on lib so i go back home and have a bath and then go to sch again...
u know what??!!!
i though ours class dun have ppl coming today and have 6 ppl come to school( ying sing, hui fan PY,YC,kit ying,LH)
but horr.....
today chem teacher was no teaching cause she too bz... bad luck....
and the L6Sc2 just have 2 ppl only OMG =.=|||

so i go lib and count the magazine only lo ^^
by the way tomorrow(14/11/08) will getting the sch magazine yet !!!


why hor??
CH didn't bring YC go to jog in this morning??
i though he will fetch her go together... =.=|||
but he left YC at sch haiz....

about KY...
is it LC(?%)
WK(neh may be not)
other ppl(80%)

and other class saud that ours class's connertion so

2009 calendar!!!

do u see this calendar b4 ???
"NO?" or "have!"
that right u must see this calendar....

now u see it???? this is just the cover only!!! inside is more.... what
March's sexy beauty.
April's sexy beauty.
October's sexy beauty.
November's sexy beauty .
December's sexy beauty!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

=.= bored again??....

hmm..... =.=
did u ask me " is it a boring day?? AGAIN?!!!" "OF CAUSE LA"

Today i though i going late to school and be4 that was heavy rain form the 5.30am ~6.45am then stop raining...

then when i reach to school then i get shock again....???
cause i saw that so "many" ppl at the field there then all the chair was arrange properly but dun have teacher 1!!! haha....
while singing the National song the flag was no ppl perfect to rise it up 0.o||| walao where is all the perfect go ??? All cuti liao ah???

then we go back to ours class then teacher no teaching again!!! waste my energy to bring my text book to school but lucky is i didt bring the PA cause i knew the teacher won't teach also... I got bring math, chem, and muet book... but all teacher not teaching also... swt -.-||| cause the math teacher wan to do revision for the upper6 so nvm lo

the most "predictable" thing happen is chem still go on...
but the funny path is "I going to teach those chair, table,wall... u can talk but talk softly" teacher said
and one more thing is "WK and LC!!!! I dun wan to heard both of urs sound!!!" teacher said.
Then i ask WK "is it teacher hate both of u?"
"duno" WK said
but i think that is them didt respect(sleeping la, talking la...) teacher while teacher teaching gua... @.@|||

then after rest time then we go to library then we want to play monopoly then lib teacher said" i duno where is the key is?"
once again!!!
then we go in the form 6 lib, those girls are talking about ghost story =.=||| after u know what?? they laugh!!! weird right?? then they wan to do drama...
after that do do do do....
gila betul!!!????

then juju ask about " r u going to the hotel?"
"i duno"
"ofcause i wan to go la, but reason 1 is my mom, reason 2 is job and time, raeson 3 is many be money or the location to far ba..." sound of my heart^^

OH YA!!!!
now is YC CH time -.^
u know what??
today deborah ask us go watch movie '007'
ask CH YC ME go to watch but i didt go cause not enough money lo and YC also
but why CH didt "belanjar" his GF go to watch hmmm... some thing wrong is it??
then i at the lib i ask non sense question agian
"u like CH which part(not human part har)?"
"that 3 dots?(chinese)" i said
"duno, go ask him la" she said

weird right?? continue....

"then he like u which part"
"u ask he la"
the end

Friday, November 7, 2008

free period again ???

Another day 4 free period?? YA!! that's right...!!!
All day long is free period... We play UNO CARD from the morning until after school
u know what?? at first we play 1 round
PC,ET,WK they play just 1 round haven finish while i already 2nd round liao
but we play until 3nd round then ET still in 1st round haiz....

then in our class got L6Sc1,2 and some ppl from art stream too^^ our class let ppl feel like heaven!!! hehehe.....^^

got ppl play monopoly too
wanna see????

Jel, CMY, ZY, Vin

the riches women in the world ( i means in monopoly world^^)

the poor women in the world( i means in monopoly world)

I wanna tell some thing that regarding CH&YC ^^
they having first step liao
they touch their hands liao
but YC said " my hand pain la" so may be CH massage 4 her or what ?? but still touching liao ^^

so what is the next step will be??

Thursday, November 6, 2008

another day ?

today was a day, that feel so free...
first 2 period PA do nothing...
but the 3~5 period is worse lo teacher is teaching!!!

after break...
all like free period all the teacher didn't go in class then they all started to play UNO game got 10ppl playing and at first round just left 5person playing other are win liao...
then we decide to replay then i am the first lose hahaha....

and i saw YC is go back by bus... is it? right? but beside her got CH there but CH is come by moto but may be today not lo or may be he want go to her's house ??? guess.... hahahah.... i oso duno la ^^
CH and YC are "ON" liao
so the story is


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fabulous day!!!

At first not that fabulous yet...!! Because I wake up late again... BUT NVM... XD

1th fabulous is first 5 period, all my teacher let us free period and no teacher come in our class^^

2th fabulous is my PA is pass liao but the mark just 50 only... for me still is good la XP the highest mark is 81 in ours class^^ then got 'some body' said "the purata 350++ is not good" then i said "u wan to get 499" again he smile :)

3th fabulous is jel ask CH
"is it u 'ON' with YC?"
"if u know liao then why u ask me?"
but yc dun want to say 'on' @.@|||

4th fabulous is another couple are started liao but I not sure heheheee.....

OH YA!!! i seem like forget...
the most "fabulous" is a dancing teacher come to our school at the L6SC1's class there teaching us dancing... they said he 90 years old ++ but i duno is it real or not and he said " i last time is economic teacher also"
then he teaching us "cha cha"

this is the dancing teacher ^^
quick, quick,

And the teacher teaching a student how to do 1 and a half twist ^^
is fabulous ???
ya!! right??

so fabulous today all period so free^^

I want fabulous,
That is my simple request,
All things fabulous,
Bigger and better and best,
I need something inspiring to help me get along,
I need a little fabulous is that so wrong?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

High School Musical 3 Movie time!!!

Today i and some of my friends did not go to school first time "pon" i means in F6 hehe....

At 3.30pm we go to Queensbay Mall to see....

16,16,16 minute left
better get it done

we went to Queensbay Mall by PC's car
in the car have me, pc, jen, WK and YC^^
u know what in the car we chat about what??...

is about YC and CH. we ask"r u 'ON' with CH?"
then she said "NO.." do u believe what she said??

NVM... the story will start inside the cinema

MBS's beauty girl ^^
MGS's beauty, charming girls ^^
dun believe
pls believe it ^^


there is 23 ppl go watch movie heheheh....

FIRST got L6SC1,2,3 and L6A4 ppl at there around 23 ppl i was like WALAO so many ppl lo but got 2 person go watch "coffin"
then we all go in and watch... CY and CH was sit at the last row then we sit at the second last row then we saw ours friends at 4th row then we go sit at 5th row...

U know what??... at the middle of the HSM3 we turn to the back and saw CH AND CH... what will u think???? of course is "ON" liao la their head near head... NOT KISSING OH!!! DUN THINK SENGET THING!!!

the gang is discuss

me and miss sweet ^^

after the movie, the 2 person who watch coffin is there then i ask "why u pay RM6 to see the coffin that cannot been touched, why dun u go to coffin shop and can touch and see, ev
en sleep as u like" hahaha....(kinding la) :)

wah... the movie was so awesome,sweet, have a bit sad lo...
but the SHARPAY EVANS...!!! espcially the song "I WANT IT ALL"

I want it all!!
I want it, want it, want it

I gotta have my star on the door
I want the world



that is my favourite song>.< !!! then we go eat and we decide so long time, around 15minute++ in front the pizza hut restaurant there the some of them go eat pizza some of them go eat chopperboard, nando's there...


ok > . < at the nando's there ( so dark right??...)

hey see that me and rebecca killing each other !!! i killing her or she killing me? hahah....

the joyful gang ever ^^

where is the food???

FUIYOH the nando's so EXP lo 10 perbut once again
the High School Musical3 senior year is danm nice go see!!
son eat around RM96.60 + tax+ service then after dinner we go back at around 8.30pm go back home is like 9pm+

wao so tired
but once again the High School Musical3 senior year is danm nice go see!!