Saturday, December 19, 2009

Enrique Iglesias - Tired Of Being Sorry

inside this music video right got the American next top modal's modal
wah i love it XD

STPM END day 2

The DIGI job is just for 1 day only and they will pay us for RM70...
so we gather at the sunshine julutong there at 8am but they waiting people. So, they wait until 9am they start working.... XD

So, our team first station is "dim sum house" at the sunshine farlim there. But u know what? we need to have 50 target per day, so, at first i though is easy but actually is kinda hard lo..

When we approacting them then they all say we got liao... acyually they like dunno what we have and they say we got already... dunno they got what also... swt people.... XP


we go the jeti there. WALAO.... at there more even worse lo. Those people like rushing 1 like dun wan listen to us 1 like hell..!!!!


We went to julutong pasar there. the place is more even worse than the Jeti XP
same case like Jeti. but is worse than that they all dun talk and call us go... XP
if there like got 200 person not even5 person will listen to us..... shit..!!!!

2.00 ~ 6.00pm

Break time.


Just half of the day, we not even get 25 targets.... SWT....


We start working again, and hope will be reaches 50 targets la. but is quite hard...
We went to the "Lip Sin coffee shop" there. but atleast got 1 or 2 person will listen to us haha...

In the end, i was call up some of the friends to help me but can't reaches 50 also.
sob... :'(

the day ends.... hahah....

Friday, December 11, 2009

STPM END day 1

When I wake up first i wana to do is.... hmmm... dunno what to do leh hahah XD..

watch my tv show, then play game again lo... boring lo

I and HY got briefing for the DIGI work. Then I go there on time but they the briefing was late for and hour, we keep waiting waiting....


the meeting start talking and talking, and i meet my senior too hahah... atleast got ppl can chat with... hahha...


I reached my home and take a bath then play game until hahah....


Thursday, December 10, 2009

STPM end!!!

WAH.... so relax liao STPM was end d... but what I should do next??
today i was play whole day
1. play DOTA.
2. go kek lok shi with a friend...
3. go c my tuition teacher, Ah tham.
4. go cc play DOTA again haha....

go back home at 1pm and it was raining...
haiz... no choice lo need to go back so, rain ma rain lo.... hahaha...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

chem tomorrow!!!

The day before STPM end. I was so relax like not thing to do.... hahah XD

What i was doing is
playing dota la
watching tv la which is the 90210 show. Hmmmm.... quite nice lo...

SO, I decide to study my chem. XD. WOW. i just start study at 11pm then study until 3.30pm wao... first time like that hahaha.... In between the time, I also play some game haha... which is DOTA...