Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Excitement Day Ever

I written as an excitement day ever because today I seem like do a lot of thing including watching TV show,gym and more...

So, it's about 6.30pm I went to gym after work. When I reached, there wasn't much people there so that I can fully use the gym instrument without sharing, sometime it was pick hour and the gym will full of people and need to share with the others... XD

After work out for one and a half hours then I went home and take a bath and drink a fruit juice(again?! yup... again) which are soy milk blend with two bananas.

And have a fruit tart too it was tasty, you wanna know what in it???

On top the fresh cream got grape, strawberry and peach. Below the fresh cream got chocolate.(yummy...cause the fresh cream will not make you feel greasy)

Up next I watch TV series 'Journey To West' at 8.30pm then after that I can't wait to watch another TV series which is 'The Secret Circle'.

The Secret Circle are all about witches doing magics, I think this the TV series I want to watch *haha*

Them after that I continue another TV series which 'Desperate Housewife' and it was the final season already... and *wow* it was funny from the start till the end of episode one and I would like to see it more... can't wait *haha*

After watching all this series feel so tired then I went to sleep early... so good night^^

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fruit Juice

Hm... since long time ago, I brought a fruit juice blender machine. So, today I wanna make a fruit juice for myself and this is the kind that will help your body to detox(that I read form a book).

Inside the blender got Grape Fruit, Orange, two apples and water(I dunno how much ml I put in). So, I chop it in to pieces and blend it. XD *hahaha*

After a few second blend(about 30 second), then I pour it out and take pic with it. Wow that was like construct a building(mini building *haha*), for the first time I take such a pro photo*haha*(judge me if I'm wrong)

So, the fruit juice was tasty and the grape fruit taste was heavy and a bit of bitter taste because I didn't peel clean the skin of grape fruit(the white skin not the orange colour skin ^^)

Finally, I had enjoyed my fruit juice, and will be more fruit and vegetable juice coming up next ^^ hope that I got time to do so...