Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fruit Juice

Hm... since long time ago, I brought a fruit juice blender machine. So, today I wanna make a fruit juice for myself and this is the kind that will help your body to detox(that I read form a book).

Inside the blender got Grape Fruit, Orange, two apples and water(I dunno how much ml I put in). So, I chop it in to pieces and blend it. XD *hahaha*

After a few second blend(about 30 second), then I pour it out and take pic with it. Wow that was like construct a building(mini building *haha*), for the first time I take such a pro photo*haha*(judge me if I'm wrong)

So, the fruit juice was tasty and the grape fruit taste was heavy and a bit of bitter taste because I didn't peel clean the skin of grape fruit(the white skin not the orange colour skin ^^)

Finally, I had enjoyed my fruit juice, and will be more fruit and vegetable juice coming up next ^^ hope that I got time to do so...


S h a h r o said...

Woot woot.
It looks tasty!

Wah Zai said...

haha of cause it's tasty...^^