Friday, January 13, 2012


If I wanna buy a laptop then I have a few choices in my mind, which are TOSHIBA, ACCER or ASUS. This are the brand that I wanna buy but after I do some reserch on this few brand. I felt that they have the "advantage and disadvantage" which is


TOSHIBA - Toshiba Satellite and Toshiba Qosimo, the price of the laptops are expensive and yet they are heavy BUT the design are the coolest!!!(I think...)

ACER - If compare the world raking Acer are the top brand(If I'm nit mistaken), and previously the come out a brand new laptop which is Acer Aspire s3 ultrabook,it slim and light too BUT the SPECIFICATIONS is not that good compare to the other 2 brands.

ASUS - I found out that the specifications of the laptop is the same with the toshiba brand that I wanna buy BUT the price is much lower than toshiba that I want. The design is just a normal design and it don't have the mutltipad.


This few days I was thinking wanna buy a tablet, i got 2 choice that wanna buy, which is ipad2 or sumsung galaxy tab 10.1. Both of the price is the same but camera pixel, ipad2 0.3MP(FRONT)/1MP(REAR)
galaxy tab 10.1, 2MP(FRONT),3MP(REAR). hmmm... the problem is what if I buy ipad2 or galaxy 10.1 then what can I do with it?????

The things to do with tablet are

1.Play game
2.Surf net
3.Using GPS travel around(this is what I want)
4.To do list

and most people choose for ipad2, so i'm not sure that which is better.... argh... *headache-ing*

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S h a h r o said...

Hi hi.

For laptop, I don't really look at brand. This is because, even for the same brand, there are good and bad model series. As long as you can find the right model, there should be no problem.
I have used several brands of laptop before (Acer, Asus, Dell) and they all are still working.

If I were to buy a laptop right now, there is a few things that I will look at.
1) It uses SSD Hard disk.
- Makes Windows extremely faster compared to using normal hard disk.

2) It has USB 3.0 port. USB 3.0 is going to be the trend for the next decade.

3) Battery that can hold at least 3 hour. You can ignore this if you plan to to plug it in most of the time.

If you can provide the the model number of laptops that you are comparing, I might be able to provide my opinion.

For the tablet,
I believe that iPad needs to connect to 3G or wifi for its GPS function to work.