Monday, April 18, 2011

Tired Or Enjoy??

So,today was the CLHS book fair plus the Popular book store at the Komtar also got take part in this event too... I have to wake up in the morning !!! 6 AM because I need to fetch my supervisor go the book fair together.. but before that I want to buy egg tart at the "House of Dim Sum"near the Komtar area, because already long term didn't eat the egg tart. And I brought 6 egg tart for myself and 6 egg tart for other people. ^^

'Egg Tart'

After I had brought the egg tart then I go fetch my supervisor and straight away to CLHS. When we reached there then we starting to setting up the fair and got other book store take part also.
When we reached there then we starting to setting up the fair and of cause got other book store take part.

'setting up'

Around 10 AM, a lot of student coming and buy some book.

and the book fair will having till Friday. Around 4 PM, we have to cover up the book with cloths. And yet I have to fetch my supervisor go back to the outlet, plus that moment was raining already but lucky is just drizzling.

This was tired part... LoL...

Then I promise to my friend about the ice-cream which is Haagen-Dazs at the QueensBay Mall. When I reach is about 6 PM, then they massage me but too bad was my cell phone was out of credit (actually was the credit expired d) and then I try to search a public phone to call them. I look at the sign that show have a public phone there, and I go in there, NOTHING!!! DON'T HAVE ANY PUBLIC PHONE AT ALL.

but lucky is the finally call me and they at the Haagen-Dazs shop already... and I went there, the start to order. After a moment, the ice-cream come in front of us and we took a lot picture.



'4-type of ice-cream'

Total cost= RM 64.00 without tax

after the Haagen-Dazs we have a chat then I was feel hungry a LITTLE... then we all head to SUBWAY and order food. I have my Chicken Teriyaki and my friend having Italian B.M.T.


'Chicken Teriyaki'

Around 9.45 PM, we all gonna go home d. I took a picture of the moon^^

The End of the day... is such a tired and enjoy day for me... hahaha...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Yesterday was the "Love And Other Drugs" movie on cinema...

I was stunned when I saw that actress(Anne Hathaway), that remind me the movie which she was acted before, which is "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Alice In The Wonderland"...

About this "
The Devil Wears Prada", I had seen this book at the bookstore and the book's cover is same like the picture below... and I though is was a interesting book but I never brought it... since few week before I watch this movie on TV then I was feel that i like this movie and wan to buy the book also.. hahaha

For this movie, you should watch it... Wow... is damn nice you can look at the outfits she wear and the humor of this movie... oh ya talk about the outfit that Anne Hathaway wear.. IS awesome, elegant,sexy,beautiful and I don't know what word that I can describe he looks. You can see it yourself below....

Isn't she beautiful??(I was hoping I would have a girlfriend wearing this dress or may be is cloths... )

This is the trailer of "The Devil Wears Prada"

and ya Meryl Streep is such a diva in the movie, but I like her too... hahaha