Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movie : Lock Out

Today I wanna go watch a movie called "Lockout", after since that day I watch Battleship and I ask my friend how was the Lockout, 'OK' he said. So, I though I wanna watch it on movie day which is today. So,I planned whole thing of the day. First, after working then I need to go for workout second thing which is went for the "LOCKOUT". This was my second time watching movie without a friend to company me, feel so lonely *thought*

So, I went to gym to have cardio training then later weight training for about two hours time in the gym.... *LoL* After the workout, I went for shower then about 9pm plus I was on my way to Cinema and it was a raining day after I come out from the gym... haiz... but luckily it was no heavy rain. The movie start at 10.15pm so I went there early and buy my ticket then I went to bookstore for "window shopping"...

And is about time already, I went to buy a combo 6(Large Popcorn & Ice Lemon Tea) to enjoy my movie and I meet a few friends also.

After one and a half hours, the movie was finish and I really enjoy the loneliness of watch movie... *LoL* and yet the LOCKOUT was nice and funny in certain part of the movie. You guys really gonna watch this movie, enjoy^^ and I decided to go alone to watch another movie again...*LoL*

 This is the trailer of the Lockout, enjoy.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satisfaction Day

Today my friend ask me go to the theater 'The Lady',time of the movie was 6.30pm.So,I was rush in time because I was working finished at 5pm plus. When I look at the time *WOW, need to fast d*, I reached at Gurney Plaza at 6pm while I massage my friend to ask where are they. "At Coffee Bean" they replied.

At Coffee Bean, I wandering that do I need to have a drink but in the end I order a Ice Blended Hazelnut *Large, RM15.90 with tax* taste great. After some chatting and drinks,we head to Cinema to watch 'The Lady' and I brought Large Popcorn too.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Aung San Suu Kyi. As you can see on the poster, she is mother of two, and she is breve too... now I really know her true story... unbelievable...

I like this picture so much and I don't know why I like it...because it beautiful...XD

After movie, we went for supper or may be dinner *LoL* at the Precinct 10  near Tanjung Tokong area.At there, got a lots of shop, some were Bistro Bar, Pub, Burger King, OldTown, and lots more... 

In the end, we decide to dining at OldTown restaurant and I order Tomyam Noodle and Peanut Butter Toast. Later we have a long chat after we finish our dinner. A satisfaction day for me^^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Avengers Assemble!!!

Avengers Assemble!!! Wow when I thinking of this words I feel great. I have been wait for this movie since last year I had watched the movie 'Captain America'. And Yes, yesterday I went to watch 'The Avengers' with a friend.

The movie start at 8.30pm so before that we went for eat. Too bad was we eat overtime and the opening didn't watch for few minutes(Though so.. or one minutes? XD) 

At the beginning, I felt funny with the conversation(Captain America and Iron men) but then when they fought with the Aliens(I thought) that was AWESOME. Like no word to describe this movie(may be XD).

At the ending part, when Captain America ask The Hulk to smash(he really smash thing up), he smash all Alien and the last was Loki(the most terrible smash and the funny part) XD

The overall was great!!! Should go watch and hoping for the next movie,like Marvel anime can be convert to real movie, so excited!!!  XD

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Every thing about Movie

Yesterday morning when I was at the Gym, I received a massage from my friend said that "Hey, wanna watch movie tonight, 'The Cabin in The Woods' ?" but I didn't his massage because my hand phone credit has expired , still I decided to watch that movie.

After work out, take a shower, eat and went back home. Then play some game so won't be that bored till my sis came back, I borrow her H.p to sent my friend a msg, said that "what's time for that movie?" "can't now, sorry."replied. What I think was he may be kind of busy with something else, so I was think that I need some rest after a long work out for the morning. 

When night time nearly at 8.30pm, I was starting watch a Korean episode 'The Greatest Love'. It was a great episode that I watch so far, is all about the two guy chasing a girl or fall in love with a girl.*thought* but still I have haven't finish watching because I watching it from TV channel, need to wait... *waiting* XD

'The Greatest Love'

Then I continue with the next TV channel at 10pm which is channel 3, it show a movie 'Johnny English' but the movie I had been watched... so I switch to another channel and I saw another movie which on channel 2 'Paycheck' which was year of 2003 movie.

Simple synopsis for Paycheck :

Ben Affleck plays an engineer who is hired to work an a top-secret project with the understanding that his memory will be erased after completes the job. He completes the job, and he gives up millions of dollars to receive an envelope, which contains several items such as a key, a pack of cigarettes, sunglasses, a bullet, etc. Ben uses these items to regain his memory while his old employer is trying to kill him, and government is trying to put him in jail for something he doesn't remember doing. Every item plays a part in saving his life, his memory and our future.

In the end, I end up with sleep. Night ya guy^^

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Excitement Day Ever

I written as an excitement day ever because today I seem like do a lot of thing including watching TV show,gym and more...

So, it's about 6.30pm I went to gym after work. When I reached, there wasn't much people there so that I can fully use the gym instrument without sharing, sometime it was pick hour and the gym will full of people and need to share with the others... XD

After work out for one and a half hours then I went home and take a bath and drink a fruit juice(again?! yup... again) which are soy milk blend with two bananas.

And have a fruit tart too it was tasty, you wanna know what in it???

On top the fresh cream got grape, strawberry and peach. Below the fresh cream got chocolate.(yummy...cause the fresh cream will not make you feel greasy)

Up next I watch TV series 'Journey To West' at 8.30pm then after that I can't wait to watch another TV series which is 'The Secret Circle'.

The Secret Circle are all about witches doing magics, I think this the TV series I want to watch *haha*

Them after that I continue another TV series which 'Desperate Housewife' and it was the final season already... and *wow* it was funny from the start till the end of episode one and I would like to see it more... can't wait *haha*

After watching all this series feel so tired then I went to sleep early... so good night^^

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fruit Juice

Hm... since long time ago, I brought a fruit juice blender machine. So, today I wanna make a fruit juice for myself and this is the kind that will help your body to detox(that I read form a book).

Inside the blender got Grape Fruit, Orange, two apples and water(I dunno how much ml I put in). So, I chop it in to pieces and blend it. XD *hahaha*

After a few second blend(about 30 second), then I pour it out and take pic with it. Wow that was like construct a building(mini building *haha*), for the first time I take such a pro photo*haha*(judge me if I'm wrong)

So, the fruit juice was tasty and the grape fruit taste was heavy and a bit of bitter taste because I didn't peel clean the skin of grape fruit(the white skin not the orange colour skin ^^)

Finally, I had enjoyed my fruit juice, and will be more fruit and vegetable juice coming up next ^^ hope that I got time to do so...

Friday, January 13, 2012


If I wanna buy a laptop then I have a few choices in my mind, which are TOSHIBA, ACCER or ASUS. This are the brand that I wanna buy but after I do some reserch on this few brand. I felt that they have the "advantage and disadvantage" which is


TOSHIBA - Toshiba Satellite and Toshiba Qosimo, the price of the laptops are expensive and yet they are heavy BUT the design are the coolest!!!(I think...)

ACER - If compare the world raking Acer are the top brand(If I'm nit mistaken), and previously the come out a brand new laptop which is Acer Aspire s3 ultrabook,it slim and light too BUT the SPECIFICATIONS is not that good compare to the other 2 brands.

ASUS - I found out that the specifications of the laptop is the same with the toshiba brand that I wanna buy BUT the price is much lower than toshiba that I want. The design is just a normal design and it don't have the mutltipad.


This few days I was thinking wanna buy a tablet, i got 2 choice that wanna buy, which is ipad2 or sumsung galaxy tab 10.1. Both of the price is the same but camera pixel, ipad2 0.3MP(FRONT)/1MP(REAR)
galaxy tab 10.1, 2MP(FRONT),3MP(REAR). hmmm... the problem is what if I buy ipad2 or galaxy 10.1 then what can I do with it?????

The things to do with tablet are

1.Play game
2.Surf net
3.Using GPS travel around(this is what I want)
4.To do list

and most people choose for ipad2, so i'm not sure that which is better.... argh... *headache-ing*