Thursday, May 17, 2012

Movie : Lock Out

Today I wanna go watch a movie called "Lockout", after since that day I watch Battleship and I ask my friend how was the Lockout, 'OK' he said. So, I though I wanna watch it on movie day which is today. So,I planned whole thing of the day. First, after working then I need to go for workout second thing which is went for the "LOCKOUT". This was my second time watching movie without a friend to company me, feel so lonely *thought*

So, I went to gym to have cardio training then later weight training for about two hours time in the gym.... *LoL* After the workout, I went for shower then about 9pm plus I was on my way to Cinema and it was a raining day after I come out from the gym... haiz... but luckily it was no heavy rain. The movie start at 10.15pm so I went there early and buy my ticket then I went to bookstore for "window shopping"...

And is about time already, I went to buy a combo 6(Large Popcorn & Ice Lemon Tea) to enjoy my movie and I meet a few friends also.

After one and a half hours, the movie was finish and I really enjoy the loneliness of watch movie... *LoL* and yet the LOCKOUT was nice and funny in certain part of the movie. You guys really gonna watch this movie, enjoy^^ and I decided to go alone to watch another movie again...*LoL*

 This is the trailer of the Lockout, enjoy.

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