Thursday, May 10, 2012

Satisfaction Day

Today my friend ask me go to the theater 'The Lady',time of the movie was 6.30pm.So,I was rush in time because I was working finished at 5pm plus. When I look at the time *WOW, need to fast d*, I reached at Gurney Plaza at 6pm while I massage my friend to ask where are they. "At Coffee Bean" they replied.

At Coffee Bean, I wandering that do I need to have a drink but in the end I order a Ice Blended Hazelnut *Large, RM15.90 with tax* taste great. After some chatting and drinks,we head to Cinema to watch 'The Lady' and I brought Large Popcorn too.

Michelle Yeoh stars as Aung San Suu Kyi. As you can see on the poster, she is mother of two, and she is breve too... now I really know her true story... unbelievable...

I like this picture so much and I don't know why I like it...because it beautiful...XD

After movie, we went for supper or may be dinner *LoL* at the Precinct 10  near Tanjung Tokong area.At there, got a lots of shop, some were Bistro Bar, Pub, Burger King, OldTown, and lots more... 

In the end, we decide to dining at OldTown restaurant and I order Tomyam Noodle and Peanut Butter Toast. Later we have a long chat after we finish our dinner. A satisfaction day for me^^

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